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April 24, 2014


Susan berry

Sure have missed you!


How is this possible?! She's beautiful Katie. Are y'all back in Atlanta?


What a fun birthday!! So glad you're back!


Two posts from Katie! So lovely to see how your little family has grown.Amelia Kate looks simply sweet at 7. So glad you're back blogging.

Erin branscom

Totally missed your sweet blog! :)


You're so lucky your little girl will still wear bows. When my 7 year old started first grade, she refused to wear bows anymore. Broke her mama's heart!


oh, it's so good to see you back! Congratulations on your newest addition! How grown up your children are now. Time has a nasty habit of flying by too quickly.

My daughter turns 8 next month. I'm still in shock about. At the weekend she dressed herself in pink frock, fake fur jacket and heels. HEELS! So grown up it takes my breath away.

Glad all is well with you. Gorgeous photos as always, and belated BD wishes to your little lady.


Oh my goodness, Katie! Amelia Kate is a doll. I cannot believe she's 7 and has not one BUT two brothers now! It's so good to read your blog again :)


What precious memories you are recording for your sweet family !! Your kids will adore these posts someday !! Ya'll look happy and blessed ! Congrats on your Amelia turning 7 years old! My Ava Grace turned 7 this past fall and will finish 1st grade this week! I'm loving this season of life with my three little ones! It busy busy but, oh so sweet ! Hope you have a wonderful summer with your kids!! I just taught my Jack (5 years how to make chocolate chip cookies this morning! I'm going to be teary eyed when my youngest Jack starts kinder this August! Slow down time!!

❤ Ali

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