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April 23, 2014



So good to see a blog update. You have a beautiful family :)


So glad you updated your blog! Beautiful family, glad ya'll are doing well in Texas!


You're back! I'm so happy! What a beautiful family! Congrats on the baby!

Annie Whitehurst

Oh my gosh!!! A post from Katie!!! SO exciting to see an update from you and see how much your sweet babies have changed! Amelia & Jack are GROWN! & new baby brother is as precious as the other two! Congratulations! Glad to see your family's doing well! :) - Annie


So happy to see this update.


So excited to see a blog post, Katie!!! :) I was going to ask for pictures of the babies on Easter!


Yay! So awesome to see your new little one! Gorgeous pictures! Love their little outfits!


Yay! You're back! What a precious family. What's the new baby's name?

Katie I'm so glad to see your posts! I am absolutely LOVING the pictures! Everyone is growing up! I'm excited to see y'all very soon!


Glad your back to blogging. I know you've been busy! The kids are beautiful. What blessings!!


It's been too long! What is your youngest boy's name?

Sandy Roycraft

Heavens to Betsy, I'm so glad to see this post! I check your blog so often--I've missed your updates about your beautiful family! I was wondering if you'd had a little girl or a boy--and now I see another handsome little fellow. So happy to see you're back!


What a fun treat to see you posted on your blog ! Looks like your kids have been growing and growing !! Congrats on your newest blessing !! He is adorable ! Can't believe your oldest is 7 ! Time keeps on flying !! Your blog has always been a favorite of mine !!!

❤ Ali

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