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December 14, 2011



Your babies are just precious!!! xoxo


I can't hardly look at this blog post! Right now it's about 35 and raining here. I would give anything to be at the beach! AK and Jack both look absolutely adorable, of course :)

Lauren B

Beautiful children, beautiful scenery and beautiful pictures! Your blog makes me want to take a photography class- you have a way of bringing out the beauty in the simple things.


Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely life.

Julie, the Mama

Giiiirrrrllll, don't even get me started on all that cuteness. OH MY GOSH.

Charon Benton

Love the pictures!! The kids are absolutely darling!!!!


Absolutely stunning pictures. Your kids are beautiful!


beautifully atmospheric photos. Captures the essence of summer perfectly.

Heart Reflections Live

simply've captured the essence of childhood!


Beautiful! Where is this? The scenery is amazing!


Looks like a storybook! FRAME THEM ALL!!

Kelly Jo

These are great! I love this post. Glad you are dragging these pics out when it is freezing and rainy here. Jealousy rears its ugly head. Hehe! Email me the first pic and the one of both of the kids running. I need a new pic of them in my living room.


Such beautiful pictures! A friend of mine from high school, Katie, from Cayenne Paper/ Two Miracles suggested your site - following now! :) Warmly, Tiffany


Beautiful pictures!!


Divine pictures, Katie. I would struggle over picking the best of the best to frame and hang in my new house. They are that good!!!


The kids are so adorable! I have to ask where you were because it looks so familiar. Makes me homesick for the low country!


OMG how precious are these pictures~~~

your newest follower :)

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Your blog makes me want to take a photography class- you have a way of bringing out the beauty in the simple things.

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I miss your lovely posts! Hope the lack of posts mean your life is full and beautiful!

~ Ali

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Busana Muslim

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Saturday our little family drove over to play at the Arboretum! The tulips were incredible! It was like spring on steroids! The smell, the was a joyful sensory overload! My 3 little ones took of their shoes and socks and ran barefoot through the soft green grass! Make sure you visit while everything is blooming! Way too beautiful! :) After playing awhile we dropped by my sisters to visit the cousins! :) A perfect afternoon! :) Make sure you visit there soon and don't be silly like me and charge your camera batter before you go!

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Summer is great time to relax and refresh. Its best atmosphere photography and your child look is too cute.


Hi Katie, please let us all know that you and your family are okay.

Heart Reflections Live

Hello from Australia, Katie. We have just seen the news footage of those terrible tornados that hit Dallas. Hoping all is well with you and your family.
God Bless


I miss your posts! Just a quick update soon??

Lindsey O.

Hope all is ok with you guys and that you were unaffected by the storms!!


We miss you! Come back! I hope y'all are well!


Your pictures are gorgeous!

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