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December 07, 2011



Welcome to Dallas. We moved here from Florida alittle over a year ago and must say we LOVE the area too. People are so friendly. We moved due to my husband's work and chose the north dfw area of Colleyville then Flower Mound due to the schools. We have good friends in Highland Park that made the move the same time as us that work with my husband. Hope you continue to enjoy the area.

Heart Reflections Live

Yay! A post from Katie! So glad to see you finally arrived in Texas, and that the neighbours are so friendly.
Loving the pretty little details you have shared from your new abode!
Bless you all


Welcome to my home town. I've lived here almost all my life. We are in Lake Highlands area...if I had to guess you might be near Lakewood? Glad to know you settling in. Email with any questions... pediatrics referral etc...


I am so glad you updated! I have been wondering where you went! :) I can't wait to see more pictures of your precious little home! The kids are getting so big! Are there any good thrift stores or Goodwill stores around y'all?

Jessica @ This Blessed Life

So glad you posted! I miss your blog!! Please post more - it can be your Christmas present to all of us! lol

Ashley Alford

SO glad your back. I LOVE reading and I've missed your posts. So glad you're all settling down nicely in your new home. I love the pictures. It looks so peaceful there. I'm sure much different than Atlanta. :)


Oh my goodness, look how your babies have grown! I'm very glad you got your wish and that you have a home there before Christmas to make as lovely as your last one. If I remember, didn't you take the tile off of your old kitchen? Maybe this one will be losing its pink tile soon? :o) Congratulations on your move and Merry Christmas. Good to "see" you again here!


Welcome to Dallas!! I've been here since I was in 2rd grade. I live in the Rockwall/Rowlett/Mesquite area. Hope you and your family continue to enjoy the area.


I have been thinking about you the past week and wondering how in the world you were! So glad to hear that the move is over and went so smoothly! And that you are loving Texas is just great! So happy for you guys! AK & Jack are getting so big, I cant believe how much they've grown, especially sweet boy! He doesnt look like a baby anymore! Time for another one, dont ya think?!?!?!? :)


I was so happy to see that you were back! Jack has grown since August. Keep us updated on your sweet family. Merry Christmas!

rosemary coursey

EEEEE....I am so excited!!! When i saw you were moving to texas I secretly was hoping it was DALLAS!!! We are in Plano, but grew up in dallas!!!....

Hope we run into each other!!!!

Julie, the Mama, I'm glad you are getting all settled in and all, but the real news is that Jack Jack has done growed up on us. And AK??? Well, get back, Jack. Seriously???? They've both grown a mile in your absence.

And see, that is why you need to blog more often. I'm pretty sure your kids won't grow so fast if you put up more regular pics of them.

Plus, I can't wait to see that pink kitchen! It sounds adorable.

Anna Jenkins

So glad you are back- welcome to Texas! Sad you aren't joining us in Austin, but you must come visit! I always eat Red, Hot and Blue and Twisted Root Burgers when I visit. TR has the best flavored root beers!


Welcome to DFW! So fun that you are living in my neck of the woods now! I can't wait to get gardening tips from you now that we are in the same zone! Let me know if you try to plant any peonies! I did last year but, one one came up and it only grew 3 leaves! Sad little thing! :) My sister lives in Dallas near White Rock Lake in a wonderful neighborhood! I'm on the other side of the metroplex! I hope you'll come over this way and check out our FW museums and our downtown (its beautiful at Christmas) one of these days!

~ Ali


so glad y'all are getting settled (and so glad you found time to blog!) hope all continues to go smoothly for your sweet family!!


KATIE!!!! Oh how I have missed you girl!!! I have thought of you often over the past few months and hoping and praying that you were settling in well in Texas! I have two friends in the Dallas area and absolutely love it as well. Your new home sounds so wonderful and there's no doubt in my mind that the Lord saved that one just for you. I can't wait to hear (and see) more about it!!

And ohhhhhhh my heart sank just for a moment when I read about how emotional it was to pack up your GA house. I remember that feeling so vividly when we moved away from Charlotte.

I am so so so glad you're back and thank you for leaving comments on my blog this week. When I saw your name pop up it just made my day. How wonderful that we've been "friends" through both of our cross country moves in the past couple years. :)

Welcome Home friend!!! Love to the babies!



congratulations on a smooth move, a fabulous house and garden, beautiful children, and such a sunny outlook on life!

I'm so pleased you are there before Christmas. Now you can really make it your home.


I am so glad you are back! I have always enjoyed reading your blog and have missed your updates. Thank you for the glimpse into life in Texas! Wishing you all the best on your new journey.


Welcome Home!!

I have lurked on your blog for quite some time. I was born and raised here, living in Plano now and it doesn't surprise me one bit about your neighbors showering you with love.

Some cute shopping spots to see depending where you live:
*Snider Plaza by SMU [Logos Christian Bookstore, Unmistakably Molly, Hip Hip Hooray, Peek in the Attic to name a few precious stores]
* All the cute shops along Knox and the trendier area along Henderson
*Dougherty's Pharmacy at Preston/Royal NW corner
*The Store in Lake Highlands
*Sample House
*All the cute places in the State Thomas area/Uptown
*Highland Park Village
*West Village
*Christmas lights in Highland Park and University Park
*Chocolate Soup Preston/Royal SE corner

I'm sure your neighbors have invited you to church, but let us know if you suggestions. We are blessed with amazing churches here.

Merry Christmas!


So glad that you are back posting! Hope you are settled in and have a very Merry Christmas!


So good to hear from you, we have missed you! Congratulations on your big move! We moved this year too, it is fun getting settled again! (most of the time!) Your sweetie pies are getting so big, enjoy your new home!


So so happy to see a blog post Katie! I love the charming bits of your house--I'm sure it's just so beautiful. I loved your old house in Georgia too--I thought it had so much character and charm!! :)


So glad to hear from you. Merry Christmas.

Debbie L.

I have missed your posts so much! I have checked back so many times and kept hoping you would be settled and blogging again.

The children have grown so much and look so happy. So cute!

My cousin has just about completed his residency at Baylor. He has really enjoyed living in Dallas and I think will make it his home. I think you will be happy there too:)People are friendly in that area.

God bless you and your family!

Merry Christmas!

Debbie L.

Amy in Austin

KATIE!!! So glad you're back to posting! And though I was so looking forward to treating you to some sweet tea here in Austin, I'm happy you're getting settled in Dallas! Its a great city - so much to do and see. I hope this first Christmas as a Texan is the beginning of many happy ones for you and your family. Blessings and welcome home from Amy in Austin! PS: I would love to see what you can do with the pink kitchen - I bet you can make it beyond darling! :)

Pam Whitten

So glad the move has been easy for you guys. We live in Paris, Texas. Just about 1 1/2 hours north of Dallas. South of the Red River. I find the charm of Dallas is wonderful. If you every make it north to Paris look us up.


So happy I stopped by! Wonderful news, that you are settled and happy. I must say, though, that with your outlook, you make everything sunshiny! A blessed Advent to you!

Carrie Mizell

Praise the Lord, you are alive and well, Katie! Girl, I was starting to wonder :) Dallas sounds amazing! Glad to hear you all made it to Texas before Christmas and are getting settled in. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas!


I'm glad to see your posting and settled and happy. And I love the way you turn a phrase. I have never heard "happy as clams in butter" but it's just made me grin.


Glad you're back and living in our great state! Can't wait to see your pictures of the pink kitchen. I love Mamie pink. ;)


I've missed you and your sweet babies Miss Katie! I'm so glad you are settling in to your new home and neighborhood! I can't wait to see the pink kitchen! I'll be praying that you find a Bible believing, warm and encouraging church where you'll be welcomed and loved as much as your new neighbors have embraced you!


The new neighborhood looks great, need to see some more of the new home. Mike told me about the new car boo boo. At least it was him not you this time ;). Amelia and Jack are looking great and are growing up. [but not to fast] Looking forward to when Brenda and I can come and visit.

Love you



So glad that you are back online! I missed keeping up with your pictures. So glad you are getting settled and feeling at home in Texas! Have a very Merry Christmas!


Oh how this delights my soul. Congratulations on making it home. I've missed your posts friend:)


Hi Katie!!
I'm so glad to see you blogging again. Congratulations on the big move! I hope you enjoy Dallas as much as my very good friends who moved there do. I'll have to let Tiffany know you moved there. I'm not sure where she lives exactly in Dallas, but you should check out her blog:

Take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



Wow, oh WOW! Just look at how big your two babies have become! They are both so precious. May your Texas days be blessed beyond measure!
I'm looking forward to the pink kitchen post!
I've been a blog slacker myself. Hoping to get back to it more often than not :)
Merry Christmas!

Kelly Jo

This post makes me want to cry! I am so sad that you are so far away but I love that you love it. This post does it - I am coming to visit.

Jennifer S.

Wow! You are in Texas! So happy to find so many posts!! And ditto what everyone else is saying about your children growing SO much!! Beautiful.


I've read your blog for quite some time! Welcome to Dallas! I live in a suburb of Dallas. I'm so glad you love it. I think Texas is the best. Our church is in Dallas and it is amazing. :) Blessings to you and your family!

Baju Muslim

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I just found your cute blog ~ so glad you like Dallas, but sad that you left GA where I live.

I'll look forward to getting acquainted with you on your blog.


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