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December 13, 2011


Julie, the Mama

Hendley would go CRAZY over that kitchen. About as crazy as I would go over all those sweets. Time time of year is puttin' a hurtin' on my waistline, too.


I think every girl deserves a pink kitchen, even if it is when they are a grown up.


Still waiting on that pink kitchen post girl! That oven is stinking adorable. I hope it works well.


I love that pink oven!! And, those macaroons made me swoon! I love them so much! Hannah, Abbie, and I made them once--they weren't that bad at all to make! :) I'm so happy you're blogging again. Have I told you that?! :)


Can't wait to see the ENTIRE pink kitchen! Welcome to Texas, by the way! Houstonian here, you'll have to let me know if you head this way for a trip of any sort-lots to see and do for the entire family!


I wonder if you know, that in England we call those twinkly lights 'Fairy lights'. :O) And I have them in my kitchen year round!

Oh those macarons looks too divine for words. I'm hoping my husband can bring me back some from the Laduree shop in Harrods when he's in London early next year.
I agree with Becky, that they aren't too tricky to make, I've made them before and they turned out quite nicely. Easier than expected.

A pink oven! I am jealous! I've always wanted a pink Aga, but it's waaay out of my price range. I'd be just as happy with any pink oven. you lucky girl!


Heart Reflections Live

Loved the teaser photos of the pink kitchen. Sounds 1950s inspired- I'd love a fifties kitchen, as hubby and I collect both antiques and mid-century kitchenware.At anyrate we are not moving anytime soon, so I'll continue to cook and bake happily in my seventies one!
Enjoy Texas


I love your pink oven! Too cool! And we live in Houston, so I just might have to stop by there and get some cookies.


loving that pink oven! Can't wait to see more. SO glad you are back to posting! :)


Your oven is ADORABLE!! Can't wait to see more of your kitchen!


i think i am gonna be in love w/ your kitchen!!! the oven looks FABULOUS!!!!!


Those Texas gold bars sound AMAZING! Yummy. I wish I could come over and have a coke with you. That oven is lovely.


Re-visiting to say I thought I'd make the Texas Gold bars for my son's class Christmas party next Thursday, but seems like the Butter Pecan cake mix is a regional thing! Can't find it anywhere! But I suspect that with all the other YUM in the recipe, a regular old yellow mix may work...


I want to hug your pink oven!

And welcome to Texas. I am close by in the mid-cities area. I hope you feel at home!


AND a pink oven! You must have the best house in the neighborhood. ;)

From the other comments, I think we all have kitchen envy. So happy a sweet southern family can live in a sweet southern home.


Oh my word a pink oven??!!!! I think it's so quaint but what does Mike think??

More pictures of your home PRETTY PLEASE??!!!!

Kelly Jo

Whoa...I was getting real impressed with those cookies. I thought maybe you were holding out on me. The Neiman Marcus bars are great, but not as pretty as those macarons. I've never had a fluffernutter. You send me some and I'll send you some fresh magic middles. We'll be fat as hogs together.


I must know more about that pink oven!!


please post recipe for Texas gold bars! sounds so yummy!!

Randy Deaver

The holiday's long gone but I still can't get over those yummy sweets... Now Valentines is coming and I crave them more than ever!

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