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August 10, 2011


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"And I shall be washed whiter than snow."
Oh, Katie. How fine.
Thank you for this lovely post.

Immeasurably More Mama

Love it all! Especially the tea cup in what looks to be laundry detergent? or maybe sugar?


I love that you use that petty white tea cup as a scoop! Like the previous poster I'm curious it is flour, laundry detergent or sugar? What a beautiful idea!

I love five of those pretty white quilts stacked together! BEAUTIFUL! :) Where did you get them all from? Are they antique or vintage?

Love those pearl white earrings!

Love the white basket or hamper's texture!

You are an artist and curator! You have the most lovely collection of white!

~ Ali


By the way I wondered if you are going to document your home with a picture tour before you and your family move! Fingers crossed because I love your style and have always wished to see your kid's rooms!

~ Ali


I love that you're posting more now! We are also in the process of moving and I am also using tea cups as my scoop in big glass it!

Carol Harrell

I am with Ali, would so love to see your home, room by room. Especially your painted fireplace. Every day you are just amazing me with your blogability!!!!! BTW, I have had almost a full week with Anna Bea and I am still convinced she really is the one for Jack. We have really bonded this week and she is precious. All of the Boss stories have been greatly exagerated. He has been the perfect gent 'cept for last night in his prayers he did thank God for D--D--. Oh well! It is good to be thankful for all things.
Carol Harrell

Charon Benton

Love it!!!!!!! I love white, but with 2 boys? I'll have to wait til they're in college. HA!


Those earrings are GORGEOUS! Love this color theme idea. I love seeing any glimpses into your happy little home, period!

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