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August 18, 2011


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Kelly Jo

She is 100% precious!!! She is getting so big!!! Love her : )


Lovely!!! There is something so pretty about Ballet Pink.

Julie, the Mama

Your little Tiny Dancer is rocking the pink. That dance class sounds perfect!


I love her little outfit!! I remember so fondly my days at June Conn!! I'm praying for the same memories for AK :)


Ballet is a beautiful art! Your pictures are precious of your daughter! My daughter takes classical ballet. I love that she is learning balance and grace from an early age!

~ Ali

Erin Branscom

So precious! I agree, I love traditional style clothing and styles. I don't want my daughter wearing or doing everything that says "diva" or anything like that. What happened to little girls just being little girls? :(


So cute! Reminds me of when me & Becky were in ballet :)

Katie T.

I want to sign up Libby for dance, too. But you're right- anything with princess or diva- eeww. Speaking of, does AK have any Disney princess stuff? I tried and tried and tried to avoid it and it turned out that a lot of the gifts she got from classmates/daycare friends starting at age TWO were some sort of princess thing. Now it's everywhere! I just wish the clothing wasn't so disgusting and cheap. Not to mention cheesy.

Immeasurably More Mama

We are one and the same in our views on little ones growing up too fast...let them be "babies" for heaven's sake! That dance class sounds perfect. :)

Tyson Sieger

She's so cute with her tutu! :D I wonder why all of your shots don't show her face. Hehe. She reminds me of my little daughter who's very shy when participating in classes like this. :) That dance class sounds great!

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