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August 22, 2011



Love all your new posts.
When is your move to Texas? Hope it's cooler when you move it's been a beating of a summer.

Heart Reflections Live

Loving the ideas for Jack's new room- and that table is a wonderful find. We *thought* we'd found a sturdy pedestal table, but one of our twins still managed to break it. Enjoy the rest of your Summer in Georgia.
Bless you'


Love the letters that your daughter is drawing! We have the same white board...have you seen the new washable dry erase markers?! We found them at Target...fabulous!

Immeasurably More Mama

That table is gorgeous and AK's written letters are oh-so-cute. I love the direction you're taking for Jack's room.


I love that beautiful table! :) Precious letters! Love that she is practicing her writing! Can't wait to see your kid's rooms before you move and start new bedrooms! :) I'm still thinking about your white quilt collection! :) Are they new or vintage quilts!?!

~ Ali

Carrie Mizell

Lovely table, Katie! You are going to have so much fun decorating a new house in TEXAS! How exciting :)


Maybe a brother? Are you hinting at something?


R? Maybe Q? Maybe a morph of Q and R?


@kimberly. Im thinking the samething, Katie is holding out on us. I've noticed a few comments on here that is leads me to believe momma is with child! if so congrats!


I have a son, then a daughter and then a son! I love having 2 boys! My boys share a room and have 2 adorable twin beds with a nightstand in between! They have 2 awesome maps hanging on their walls! I love little boy's rooms (and little girl's rooms)! So cute! Can't wait to see your son's room at the new house!

Are you hinting? Oooh, I sure hope so! I'd be thrilled for you! But, no pressure an upcoming move is enough on your plate! :)

~ Ali


Love that table, and the R is fabulous!! Excellent little learners you have, mama. :o)


You were 5 minutes from me girl! If you ever come my way again you've got to email me!

Pam Whitten

I love the maps. I have a friend who did her bathroom walls in maps. It turned out so cute.

Maybe a wallpaper of maps using decopague, or maybe a framing of maps.

Oh and pottery barn kids has the best twin bed ideas.

Just some sujestions.

Oh and I almost forgot, Welcome to Texas.




I have been noticing little *hints* here and there too.... Soooo, will there be new little one to put in the duck boat which you'll get for Christmas?


I agree, are you hinting something missy? :)
I really love your slipcovered sofa. Where did you get it? We are in the market for a new sofa owing to the fact that our two toddlers are determined to kill any and all upholstery in the house...


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