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August 25, 2011



Beautiful leather luggage tags!

Enjoy your time of wandering! :)

Is your tote a Land's End tote bag! I love their bags!

~ Ali


Those are so gorgeous!! I just ordered some customized ones from shutterfly. I put some of our engagement pictures on them. :) ha! I wish you were wandering near me!!

Julie, the Mama

Another homerun by....YOU!!! I love. LOTS.

Jennifer S.

Those are beautiful. Could you put the latitude and longitude of your home, so you are always reminded of where your roots are?

jessica McCash

Those are really pretty! So many possibilities!


Love these. Like LOVE so much I want to put one in my own Christmas stocking.


Beautifull!! I just added that etsy shop to my favorites. I hope that where ever you are right now, you are happy, healthy and enjoying every moment with your babies!!!


Hope you have had a great time wandering about and seeing the world on your adventures!

Miss you!

~ Ali

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Those are so gorgeous! Beautiful leather luggage tags! Love these. I hope that where ever you are right now, you are happy, healthy and enjoying every moment with your babies!


Just checking in to see how you and the family are doing. Hoping all is well, love from Michigan! Leslie


Miss reading you... hope all is well and you are able to return soon! Blessings from California! Mindi


I miss your blog~ and I wonder if you are pinterest. I know you would love it! Hope you all are well!


I miss you on the blog!!


I really miss you! Stop wandering and come back to your blog and your blog friends!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~ Ali

Busana Muslim

Very interesting... I really like it... Thank you so much...

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