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August 04, 2011


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Julie, the Mama comment. Cause if I said anything, you might hear my voice crack.

Still, that little boy of yours is sure mighty cute. Just like he was when he was just a baby.


I teared up reading this post and seeing his sweet face! AK and Jack are so precious together! :)


Oh, isn't he precious? He looks very handsome with his new haircut.


Awwwww...I remember that!

My baby boy had beautiful blonde curls that I just could not bring myself to cut. But so many people complimented me on my "pretty little girl," that my husband kind of encouraged the haircut. Sigh...
I remember it like it was yesterday. (And my baby boy turns 29 tomorrow!)

Your Jack Jack looks positively adorable!


He looks so cute!


he looks adorable! i love the color of his hair.
also, SO glad you're back to blogging! you're one of my favorite blogs.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life

katie i am SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOO happy that you are back to blogging! you are one of my MOST favorite bloggers and i love vicariously living in the south through you! haha it's like Christmas in august! :)

Carol Harrell

Jack is a hottie, that Anna Bea knows that while he will always be his Momma's boy, he is the one for her. I love his haircut, it looks perfect.
Carol Harrell

Carrie Mizell

Jack does look grown! I love his haircut though, it's perfect little boy hair :)


Katie!!!!!!!!! I know what you mean! I soooooooo know what you mean! Is it just me or is there something even MORE painful about watching your little BOY grow up than your little girl?? Lord help me, I am hanging onto my "baby" for dear life. Jack Jack looks super handsome though. :)

Men's Haircuts Englewood

He looks like a young Justin Bieber,lol His hair is amazingly beautiful, that kind of haircut is perfect for him.

Jenna Schrock

Oh well… it’s a good thing you didn’t grit your teeth too much back then. Your baby looks good, and I agree with one comment here… he looks like a young Justin Bieber! It’s a compliment from me, just so you know. ;)

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