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August 07, 2011


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What a great little poem...

Julie, the Mama

Well, that was deep.


Absolutely beautiful post. What a fun way to retire each night, summer or no summer.

xoxo michele

Heart Reflections Live

Love R.L.Stevenson's children's poems. Beautiful photos, Katie. Is this Jack's room?It's simply beautiful.

Carol Harrell

hmmm, amidst the crisp, clean, white look, you mix in the blur, some fuzz and cute little feet!. Very, very interesting, your blog is an amazing mix! That's what I really like about Harrington House, you must be an interesting blend of a person!
Carol Harrell


What gorgeous photos - I just hated to go to bed when the sun was still out when I was a kid! This is such a sweet post....thanks!


Your linens are simply to die for. Can you give my house a linens makeover please?

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