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August 02, 2011


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Hooray! Best news I've heard all day... you'll be blogging EVERY day this month?!! Can't wait! And may I just say, my very favorite photo of this whole post is the tripod one of your neck and Amelia's blurry but cute polka dot bathing suit! LOL!!! I am still laughing over that one. That is just too perfect! And honey I hear you on the heat wave and the hose. Such inexpensive fun! I too love August, although my grass has seen better days come this time of year. Great pictures. I feel *a little* caught up. Can't wait for more!


Loved this post. We absolutely adore the cicada's daily song in the summer. I grew up in Idaho so they have been a real treat since moving to the South. Your dryer story made me laugh out loud. Our son is a budding entomologist (sorta) and our freezer is full of insects! Hope I haven't served some of them for dinner and didn't realize it! :)

xoxo michele

Julie, the Mama

I don't know if I am laughing more about the dryer story or your goal of blogging every single day for a month. I sure hope you are right though.

Your summer nights sound PERFECT to me. I'm gonna tell you what - that Mike can flat out grill up some good looking food.

Carol Harrell

wooohooo, my favorite other gal is back, I am going to enjoy every August post. I have missed you and your precious children. As if I needed more calories this summer your recipe seems to be calling my name. I love pound cake and ice cream and a little suace just tops it off perfectly.
Love & blessings
Carol Harrell


Oooh! I'm excited that you plan to blog this month! I've popped by your blog many a times to see if you had posted anything new but, figured you were too busy living to blog! I've missed your sweet posts though! Your blog is one of my favs!

We haven't had any fireflies this summer! I feel sad for my kids! Next year I'll try earlier to hunt down some fireflies so my 3 kids can understand the wonder and excitement of catching fireflies! So cute that your kids have had plenty of fireflies and "water hose" time! Love that each got their own water hose! That is a wise and generous Mommy decision! :)

~ Ali


Forgot to say your cicadas story made me giggle! Sounds like something my 7 year old son would do! He's been catching cicadas all summer long! Their song just sings "its summer!"

~ Ali


glad to see you're back to blogging and that your family is doing well! your babies are precious as always, and look way TOO grown up! when did THAT happen?!?! :(

Katie Tardiff

Hip, hip, hooray, Katie is BACK! I, too, love your blog and was so sad to see you away for a while. As I type this, I admit I haven't blogged in forever either. Life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? ;)

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