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July 07, 2011



looks like you had a superb day. Beautiful photos as always.


Julie, the Mama

I am laughing so hard about Mr. Freeze that I forgot what I was going to say. I will say this - there would have to be a whole lotta folks frozen before Bill caught on. Bless his heart.

Oh, I do remember something I wanted to say - y'alls chicken on the grill always looks so tasty. I never want grilled chicken until you go and throw up a picture and then I'm all like, "Lets do chicken tonight."

Carrie Mizell

Wooo-we, Momma! That picture of you is something else. Such sweetness! Keep it forever!!!


Lovely post. I can't get over how grown up your babies look. They grow so fast, don't they? Loving AK's portrait of you. Beautiful:)


Oh my! I have never in my life heard of Mr. Freeze but I am now DYING to play this at our next cookout. I can only imagine how hilarious it is. How do you stay frozen without laughing?? :)

And that portrait that Amelia did of you is simply divine!

I am loving your photography lately by the way!

God Bless the whole fam!!



Thanks for the gardening advice! I'm definitely going to check out gardenweb.

I'm glad y'all had a good fourth! I still can't get over how big your babies are getting!


Hi Katie! Will you share the recipe for the chicken? Love all of your pictures! Your babies are growing up so fast!! Mine are too!! It's crazy how time flies!


I wanna play Mr. Freeze, that's too cute! :o) Absolutely love all of the pics, especially the first one of the flag with all of your greenery! I think your blog could be a magazine, mama!


just thinking about the harrington family and praying all is well!

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