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May 05, 2011



Miss Katie, your goodwill and consignment stores down south must be better than ours up north b/c I can NEVER find smocking or shortalls or longalls up here in the north. People dress their babies like they're full grown adults up here and I wish it were different! I buy a LOT of stuff off ebay because of that. Let me know if you want to sell any of Jack's stuff- Spencer is younger than Jack, and I'm always looking for darling clothes!


I love peonies!!! LOVE them! Your kids are precious, clothes and all!


Your peonies are amazing! I wish we could grow them in Florida, but I think it's just too hot. I love the Easter outfits! I also buy many of my little one's smocked things in consignment shops. They wear them so few times to pay full price for them!


Your peonies are so beautiful! I planted my first bush last year and this year I have three blooms! :) I know that is not a lot but starting from nothing, it made me happy that they multiplied and will hopefully continue to multiply. :) I cut my first one a couple of days ago and will probably cut the second one today. They just make me so happy!

I will agree about consignment! Almost all of Westin's clothes are from consignment. Including his cute little Strasburg Easter jon jon. :)


Your peonies are so so cute!! I love those beautiful flowers! I also love the sweet picture of Amelia--you can tell she's ready for some action!! Happy birthday to those sweet babies! :)


Your peonies are absolutely beautiful! When we lived in Austin it also saddened my heart that peonies wouldn't grow there. I'm so glad you are enjoying them fully this spring!

I might also suggest that you stockpile some bigger sizes of smocked outfits for Amelia and Jack before you move as you come across them. I don't think they are going to be as readily available in Austin, especially at consignment stores or Goodwill. I could be wrong, maybe there is a secret source, but Austin isn't very "southern" and in the 2 years we lived there, I don't remember seeing a child in a smocked outfit ever.

Jenn S.

Oh my gosh! Beautiful flowers! Hope your babies are feeling better! Sounds like you guys have been busy. Good luck with it all!


The peonies are just beautiful. Mine will be blooming in a few days if KY can get out of this freezer weather pattern. My heart aches that you won't have peonies in TX. I would give it a try though....maybe planted in the shade? You never know what will work. When I was growing up there was a man in our hometown with a palm tree in his side KY! It was there for years, so maybe, with crossed fingers and a prayer to the heavens, you can still have those peonies!


These pictures make me happy :) - the peonies, cupcakes, and closet filled with PRECIOUS clothes!


I have two peonies in my garden, and at the weekend my dad came round with a third. I shall call it Katie, after you :o) how about that?

your arrangements are perfect. When flowers are so stunningly beautiful, they don't need fancy arranging.

love the kiddy clothes, and crikey, you get them at bargain prices!

My little girl has just started school, I thought my heart would break, but you know, it wasn't too bad. I thought I'd be all Katie-ish and be positive. Much better. No tears on the first day, and we're both enjoy her being at school!

Mary Jo Smith

Your peonies are beautiful! We just moved to SW Missouri (from Austin, actually! Loved it there - I'm sure you will, too!) and was so excited to discover 5 peony bushes planted in our new yard. How do you deal with all of the ants that love the buds/flowers? Just give them a good shake before you bring them in the house? I'm anxious to bring mine in when they bloom but don't want to bring the ants with them. :)

Shoot me an e-mail if you need any family-friendly ideas in Austin! Our son was born there and we lived there for 2 years. It's awesome!

Heart Reflections Live

Your peonies are so beautiful- I'm so sorry to hear that you won't be able to grow them there! I'm sure you'll pack as much of the beautiful South as you can, to inject into Texas!
I too love how you dress Jack and Amelia. Over here we can still thrift-shop for fairly traditional dresses for our girls, but Australian op-shops as we call them over here don't sell longalls or shortalls. The best we can do for our twinnies are button-down shirts or polos, with nice pants and cardigans.Mini-Daddies!
Praying your move goes to plan- thanks for the update.
Bless you


Those peonies are gorgeous! I'm envious of your consignment finds, out west I've never found any jon jons or smocked outfits


My favorite is that photo of Jack in the cart, on his new bike. Isn't it fun when they get that excited about something? I just love it.

I've thought and prayed for you often lately. xoxo

RaLynda overstreet

Peonies will grow in texas. I live near dallas and grow them in our yard. Plant them on the north side of your house in part sun. It will take a couple of years for the first bloom but well worth the wait. Try it!


Ohhhhhh, I just love getting all caught up on y'all's life!! I agree with you...peonies are the most beautiful flower in the world! I just wish I had the guts to plant myself and then maintain them. Maybe I'll give it a try one day! Your photos are very inspiring! So sorry to hear about Easter fevers, but I'm so glad that the birthday parties worked out! Seriously, Jack is two????? I'm pretty sure you are making that up. How is that possible? You just gave birth to him yesterday.

Good luck getting the house on the market! It's a crazy, busy, wonderful, exciting, adventurous time in your lives! I'm just glad I can come "with you" to Texas via your blog. :)

Carrie Mizell

Lots of cuteness in this post. First off, Amelia Kate in that picture....Oh my, she is grown! Four, really?! Also lovin' Jack making sure his new bike wasn't a lemon prior to y'all loading it in the car ;) As for the peonies, they are stunning!!! We can't grow them in Florida, so I have been drooling over yours for a full 2 minutes. Ha! Also, this is so random, but I love that you painted the beadboard backsplash. It's so pretty! I know you struggled over whether or not to take the plunge and do it, but it looks great!

Kelly Jo

Your peonies are luscious! I cannot wait until you bring them up here. Of all the things you have ever given me this may be the best. I am going to buy you a special gift to show you my appreciation. Now since you clearly aren’t lovin the paint sets, I am going to get Jack and Amelia something else to express themselves with. You just wait! I was eyeballing it the other day and now it’s a must. Plus I already bought Jack some candy.

Amelia is looking so much like Mike! I LOVE her sweet little face. And why does Jack make me want to start singing “Cool Rider” from Grease 2 in that pic? I am saving them a bunch of kisses for when ya’ll get here…SO EXCITED!!!

Carol & Max Harrell

Well this post is certainly proof that you are indeed my third daughter. I just do not know exactly what that means to Chewmomma or Kiki. Guess we can figure it out since Jack will be discovering soon enough that he is indeed in love with Anna Bea. Their wedding will be glorious with Peonies throughout the church and the reception in a lovely garden. Our Amelia Kate and Hendley will be dressed everybit as lovely as Pippa and Boss will be our Henry and we shall all celebrate. Anna Beatrice will be beautiful and her handsome groom Jack will be her Prince Charming. Oh there will be lots of little ones in their smocked outfits but will never be as finely dressed as ours were when they were little. There is no one in the world other than Julie, Carly and Katie that can raid a Goodwill or Consignment Store as quicky and a cheaply as you girls can. Love and Blessings to you and yours.
Carol Harrell in Athens

Julie, the Mama

Was prepared to have a real comment. Then saw Jack Jack's closet and now I can hardly see through the tears. It does help that I know you will enjoy every second of it looking like that. Next year's will be a whole nutha story, and it'll look the same for the next 95+ years. Sigh.

I think AK looks a lot like Mike in that picture.

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Your kids are precious! I love the flowers and cupcakes! Your photos are very inspiring!


Your peonies are beautiful. I'm so excited because we are moving to a house which will have enough sun in the yard to grow peonies.

Happy birthday (belatedly) to your little ones.


Okay, had to say that I live in Texas DFW area and my neighbor has a beautiful peony's and they are facing North!

After spotting my neighbors I decided to try planting one this spring! I have leaves but, no blooms! But, I didn't plant mine facing North...I planted facing East! I may need to dig it up and move it after reading one of the previous posters comments about planting them facing North in Texas! Hold onto may be able to plant them in Texas!

Your flower blooms are beautiful! Thanks for the pics!

Happy Birthday to your sweet babies!

So impressed with your bargain shopping! Makes me love you even more! :)

~ Ali

Tammy Dixon


I don't have a blog....but my e-mail address is love the curtains in your family room and you said the instructions were on nesting place...I can't locate them...need help...please

Kassie Pounds

I LOVE your Peonies. I think they are my fav flower. I wanted them in my wedding last September, but they were out of season and the florist tried to get them from overseas and couldn't. I settled for Hydrangea's which are beautiful, too. Good luck with your move to Texas! I grew up and still live in Texas. It's a great place!

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