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April 06, 2011


Jessica @ This Blessed Life

I have to tell you that I just checked your blog last night (even though I have you on my Google reader!) just to make sure I hadn't missed a post since it had been so long! Your blog is still one of my absolute favorites, and this New England girl missed reading the "y'all's" and the "mercys." lol

What a great adventure! Your willingness to embrace it is such an encouragement - we recently had our life kinda up-heaved, too. I have found many blessings amidst the tough stuff. I hope you will find joy in your new state. And maybe, just maybe, you will let us peek in on the way you have decorated your new house? ;)


So excited about your new adventure!!!! :) I can't wait to hear all about it! Erin


oh....I am so jealous that you are moving to Austin. We are in Dallas, but Austin is where i yearn to is AMAZING to say the least!!!
Good luck on your move!!!


Thank the Lord you're alright blessed girl! I hope everything works out well for y'all. I am bummed that you're moving and we never got to get together. Take care!

Amy from Austin, TX

I can't wait to meet you either! I've got some sweet tea waiting! :) Praying y'all have a smooth moving experience and that your house sells quickly. Then lets get y'all down here! :)
Amy in Austin

Heart Reflections Live

I'll be praying all goes well with the move. I felt pangs of sadness when we moved out of our first marital home, esp. after bringing two babies home there-ever read Anne's House of Dreams?- that's how I felt, even though it was a renter, but once you've embraced the idea and challenge of renesting- as it sounds like you have, then it gets exciting!
God bless


I'm so glad you updated. I salute you the way you are taking this move on the chin, and finding the good things about it. I wouldn't be half as happy as you, so I am full of admiration.

Good luck with your housesale, and with the moving plans. Hope you can keep us posted as things happen,but if not, we'll all understand. It's going to be a busy summer for you.


So glad to hear from you - been missing you! And so excited about this new season, this new adventure for you & your family!


So excited for you all, Katie. Good to hear an update on what's going on in your lives. We are in the middle of a transition ourselves, and my husband has been talking with a company about a position in Georgia for us! We have family in Roswell, so that would be wonderful, but we're waiting on God to move first.
Blessings to you as you prepare to sell your home and move. Selling in our area is tough right now.


Good Luck with your move and blessings to all.


I have missed your posts!!! I've been following your blog since I started reading blogs... It's always been a favorite!

I am excited for your family and the new adventures in your near future. I will definitely keep all of you in my prayers!!!


We are praying that your move goes very smoothly - I know that you will make whatever house you are in a comfortable,
cozy home for your family. One thing I am praying for though is that Texas for you will be NOTHING like the show "Dallas"!! All that DRAMA! :)

Anna Jenkins

Austin is so much better than San Antonio where I first thought you where going! Born and bred here- I can't wait to see Austin through your eyes. Happy to help in any way!

Mark your calendar right now to visit Round Top in October- it is totally your thing with antiques, vintage linens, etc.


We live in Houston, but we would love to live in Austin. Have you looked at anything in Georgetown yet? It is a smaller community about 30 minutes from Austin, but is lovely. That is the perfect place to live!

Claire Harvey

I have been following your blog through Kelly's Korner and I love it! I have actually lived in Austin since I was 9 and after college my husband and I settled here. It is beautiful and we love it. if you need any tips please don't hesitate to email is
I am a teacher/coach and my husband is a teacher and worship pastor at our church!
Welcome to Texas...and by the way you don't have to turn into a cowboy :)


I LOVE this post! I am so excited for you to move to Austin--mainly because Austin is a huge city that I want to visit sometime soon!! :) I loved seeing you and the babies at the wedding--thank you so much for making the effort to be there!! :)


you are going to love austin! I've only been there once, but have quite a few friends from there or who have lived there. the only bad thing is that UT is there! ;-)


We lived in Austin for several years my parents helped start a church there, Hill Country Bible Church. We loved Austin, so much to do and the Hill Country is just beautiful!


We just got home from visiting Austin for the very first time. It was amazing! SO excited for y'all!

Jenn S.

Dang! Im jealous of Austin. I was hoping you were gonna move to Bay City, Texas. I dont really know why you would move to our little 20k person town, but a girl can hope. Anyway, all my friends in Austin love it, so I think you are in for a pleasant surprise.

May your move go smoothly and God Bless!! Oh...


Katie - It was sooooooooo wonderful to get another update from you!! I was just getting ready to email you again just before I saw your latest update in google reader! Sometimes it is shocking how much we have in common. I too felt the EXACT same way about our home in Charlotte. I would have lived there happily until my dying day raising babies and grandbabies. But it was so comforting to realize that this earth is not our true home anyway. And until it's our time to go to heaven, at least we know that as long as we're with our hubbies, we can feel like we're home no matter what city or state we live in. (Oh, and speaking from experience I do not recommend moving to a new state, and buying & selling a home, all while 37 weeks pregnant)


So glad you are on board though and y'all are excited about the future!! I am SO glad that via the world of blogging, I will get to "move" with you. ha ha!

much love & prayers and anxiously awaiting your next update!



Austin is wonderful! It is one of mine nad my husbands favorite places to visit. You will love it there. Good luck!


Love reading your blog and have missed your posts. My husband and live in a suburb right outsid Austin, called Round Rock. We would love to welcome you and show you guys around! Good luck selling your house and with the move.

Amanda Jo

Austin is SO fun!! I really think you'll enjoy living there - although, it is VERY different than the true South like Atlanta!

Julie, the Mama

Interestingly enough, I am purdy sure AK is referring to Yee-Haw and not a Texas horse. I have him here and can easily ship him to Austin when you are good and settled in. I'll even throw in Karen for good measure.

Seriously, we couldn't be one bit happier about your great news. Unless y'all were moving to Richmond and then we would be whole lots of more happy. But still, Austin is awesome and I am so excited to see all that it has to offer your sweet family.

Many congratulations and happy moving from us!


I love the Hill Country! You are going to love Austin! So smart to rent first and get a lay of the land before buying! That way you can scoop school districts and figure out where you feel like you fit best!

I'm in Fort Worth...let me know if you ever plan a trip to Cowtown! :)

Happy packing! I bet your house sells quickly! It is beautiful!

~ Ali


Wanted to say... I can't wait till you get settled in Texas and start gardening! I'm looking forward to being in the same zone as you and for your lovely gardening tips! :)

Here are a few musts once you are in Texas...

> every spring around the beginning of April you put your babies in all white and look for a patch of bluebonnets and take your sweet babies pictures in the Texas state flower = Texas tradition
> Round Top Antiques Fair held for a few weeks in the spring and fall each year!
> Gruene Hall - the oldest Texas Dance Hall
> The Texas State Fair in Dallas each fall
> Canton Trade Days the first Monday of the month = AWESOME!
> South Padre Island for the beach!
> awesome outlet shopping in San Marcos
> American Girl Store at the Galleria in Dallas
> Dallas Arboretum - lovely all year
> San Antonio river walk and the Alamo and the Spurs basketball
> Go see the Texas Rangers baseball in Arlington
> Go see the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington

The list goes on and on! :)

You are going to love Texas!

~ Ali

Kelly Jo

So is this horse named Coco? She was telling me about Coco on the phone and I meant to ask you about that. She said she was going to ride it but I thought maybe she was talking about my three-legged Barbie horse - which, clearly she has already been riding - haha! I couldn't keep up with her conversation and I asked her but she just said she would show me "tomorrow". I got a little excited when I saw the baby boots. I thought maybe you were even though I know you aren't :)


You are such a sweetheart, and I love reading your blog. I don't have any doubt that God will go with you and keep you. May your move bring you many more precious memories with your sweet little family!
Blessings to you all,


We went through something similar. It is so worth it. Have fun on your adventure!


Wow! I was wondering if everything was okay since you hadn't blogged in so long.
Austin is supposed to be a wonderful place to live! Good luck with the move and selling your home. Wow. So much to do, huh? So exciting!


I'm so jealous!!! I was born and raised just north of Austin, in a small town called Leander. I've called Las Vegas home for the past almost 20 years and I still dream of moving back. So much so that we still have land there. Your going to love it....Texas is a special place and Austin is beautiful!!!


Sounds like a new adventure is on the horizon! God Bless and can't wait to read all about it!


Texas is an awesome state! Its one of our favorites to travel in! I love it because its a nice blend of the southern culture I grew up with in Tennessee and the western culture I've come to love living in Montana. Y'all will have a great life there! The people are awesome! They also have sweet tea there, a staple in my diet that is hard to come across in these western states. So, Texas has won my heart. It will probably quickly win yours too!


I was just a little bit older than Amelia when my family moved to Texas, and I tell ya, I had the exact same idea. I imagined dirt, cactuses, tumbleweeds and really thought people would be riding to school on horses!

I was crushed when I discovered none of these things to be true...except the cacti.

In the last 19 years, Texas has found its way into my heart and soul, and I have a sneaky feeling that yall will fall in love with it too! I can already see you taking pictures of your children in the bluebonnets next spring!



I'm so excited for you guys! It's amazing how God can change our lives in the blink of an eye, but it's equally as incredible at how he can give us the heart to want those changes and have happy anticipation over them! You sound so excited, and I pray that you guys have a smooth move and a GREAT time getting settled into the Big T! Woo hoo!!

Praying for your home to sell, too - our last one took 10 months and this latest one took only two. I know that God will care for you guys and bring you through this market no matter what! When He is your realtor, no one is better! You guys are so blessed! Many prayers for majorly exciting things!!!!


Please don't think that Dallas is anything like Austin. Austin is a world unto itself. I love it and want to move back. South Austin is the best but if you like suberbia, you will be comfortable in the north part.

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