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February 21, 2011



Katie - I've missed you!!!!! (although I am so grateful you have been popping in to leave comments on my blog!).

DID Y'ALL MOVE TO TEXAS??????????!!!!!

San Antonio maybe?

You've got some 'splainin to do!!!!!


I have been wondering where you were!! When I saw the title I thought you might be pregnant again! :) Now that I have seen the pictures, I'm guessing Y'all moved?!?! Do tell!!!


You are pregnant in Texas??


i am guessing you moved!!!!


Dearest Katie,
I pray that whatever your big news may be that you will find in it great blessings and happiness.
"Home -- that blessed word, which opens to the human heart the most perfect glimpse of Heaven, and helps to carry it thither, as on an angel's wings."
Whether you are back home from a great Texas adventure, or you will soon make it your home, I wish for you the very best and warmest homecoming.


I am guessing that you are now a yellow rose of Texas! We just moved too! Hoping that you are getting settled nicely! Glad to see you posting, we missed you!


So glad to hear from you:-)

If you moved to TX- congratulations! I am so jealous, love San Antonio!


You moved to Texas?!?


san antonio texas baby! did ya'll move to the lone star state? i call texas home and love, love, love it here!

details please! do tell.....


I really enjoy your blog and glad your back - I've made our blog a private blog but if you want to see it let me know

my messy nest

If you moved to Texas, Welcome! It's the best state...but I'm kinda partial. :)


Katie, I came across your blog in early December. I have enjoyed reading your past posts. You stopped blogging and have been on my mind. Yesterday, I sat to write in my prayer journal. I prayed all was well with you and that you would be back soon. This morning I clicked on your blog with anticipation. lo and behold, there you were with a fresh post! God makes life fun, doesn't he?!


moved or moving to Texas??

blessings Katie and family, can't wait for all the exciting blog posts to come!


good lord, I have no idea, but I am so glad you have posted again! :o) x

Carrie Mizell

Lawsy mercy, have y'all moved to Texas?! That IS exciting!


I'm so glad to see that you're back:) I missed you and am blessed that you are back:)


Oh I can't wait to hear about this! Prayers for your family no matter what it is :)


Worried sick about you!!
Glad you are well and in or just home from TEXAS???

Heart Reflections Live

My first thought when I saw the title, was that you were expecting again! Scrolling down, I thought maybe a holiday??? Surely you're not moving from your little yellow house?!
Well, whether you're moving or staying put,you have a wonderful gift of making a house a very beautiful home, and I can't wait to see what you're keeping us in suspense with.
I'd had you on my heart for a while, since we hadn't heard from you for a while and you are a much better blog-keeper than I am. Hope all is well with your little brood.


Erin Branscom

Did you move!!!!??????????


Have missed you. Glad you posted again! I am guessing you have or are going to move to Texas.

Susan Huff

Oh, If you're leaving that beautiful home, I'm crying, but how exciting it would be to watch you decorate another one...Texas Style? Whatever it is you're up to, I know you will let us in on it VERY, VERY soon. And, I wish you ALL the best. Blessing to you and your family.


Welcome back!! I have missed seeing your posts!! I am guessing you are moving or have moved to Texas!! :)

Teagan's Travels

I am so glad you are back! My mom and I follow your blog and were just talking about how we've missed reading your updates. Texas really IS the best state (says a native). I am excited and hope you enjoy your new adventures there!


i have been wondering what happened to you? I went to middle and high school in San Antonio. Is that where you moved?


TEXAS!! I've been lurkin' for WAAAAY too long, but I just love your blog! Now I've just gotta creep out of the woodwork because I'm a native Texan. Best state ever! Congrats and I can't wait to hear, I mean read more about this news! :)

Julie, the Mama

Well, well, well.....

JulieTheMama is coming to visit. With Them. Get ready!!!!

SOOOOOOOO excited for y'all. This is going to be BIG. And not just cause everything is bigger in Texas either!



so glad you are back posting! I had been praying that nothing was wrong with you and hoping you were expecting!


Fun! Texas is so awesome! Please post the story - I've been worried why you haven't been posting lately! Your not far from this Okie girl!

Charon Benton

You either moved to Texas or went for a visit!!!


I hopefully thought your absence was due to pregnancy, but now I'm convinced you've moved. How exciting! Can't wait to hear the whole story!



I love you friend! And that yellow rose is gorgeous too.



You've got some 'splaining to do, ma'am. Where have you been?!!?!?! I've missed ya! I cant wait to see what this post is about... My bets are something about San Antonio. Are yall moving?!?!?!


It was good to see you post again :D I thought you'd quit completely! Looking forward to the details of all the Texas stuff! My brother lives about an hour north of Austin and I just love it down there.


Are packing up those sweet babies and heading for Texas? To live or vacation? I've really missed you - it's been Christmas in Dixie for soooooooo long! I've been praying for your little family!

amy fine

Well, I do declare! Look who surfaced.It looks like I need to go junkin' for a spoon from Texas, yes? Glad you are well. Welcome back. Can't wait to see new pics of the house. I'm sure it's beautiful. Hugs, Amy-


I've read your blog for awhile and have been worried since you haven't posted recently! So happy to see all is well :) You've either moved? or took a trip to Texas!?


GIRL. Texas will outright explode with such graciousness as yourself!


OH MY WORD!!! You left me hanging. POST SOON with the answer!!! :-)

Yea! your back. I was so wondering what happened. Good come-back. well... if my guesser is right it looks like you moved to the big Texas. I love it there. I live in Va but originally from Az so I am jealous now.. you will get to have some real mexican food!
Hope moving is going well and you make some good flea market cutsie store finds.


sure have missed you :)

Amanda Jo

Do tell! The anticipation is killing me!!


So glad you are back! I can't wait to hear your news!


Are you planning to enjoy a vacation to Texas? Enjoy touring the state and know you'll be in God's country and Beth Moore's homeland too! :) Now, I'll be perfectly honest and say I've got my hopes you'll be moving to Texas. If so I can't wait for your gardening tips as you start planting in a new zone! :) I also can't wait for your "junkin" tips Texas style. Oh that was a fun little daydream! No matter what you have planned I hope that your family is healthy and enjoying this spring! Thanks again for the new posts! It thrilled me to see a new post from you!

God bless Texas and your sweet family!

~ Ali


A big HOWDY to ya, Katie!

It's R-O-D-E-O time in TEXAS!!! And you're in my hometown!! Good ol' San Antonio! Have a great time- so much to do there!!



Texas is a great place to live!!! Did you move there? I have been a long time follower of your blog and have missed reading your posts lately!!! :-) Hope to hear from you again soon!


Can't wait to see!

Lindsey O.

I think you might have more to share than you went to Texas or you moved to Texas!! :) I sure hope so anyway!!


no!!! i haven't guessed....i'm terrible at guessing games! just tell me, please! haha!! :)
glad to know y'all are alive and well - i was missing all your posts :)


Don't keep us tell!!!


Ahh! I am dying to know what is going on with you all!

Amy from Austin, TX

Been following your sweet little blog (and your precious children - and I love Amelia Kate's name - my given name is Amelia too, though I go by Amy) for a few years now. If you have moved to Texas, WELCOME!!! I'm in Austin and a fifth generation native born Texan - I'd love to show you around this wonderful state! (or at least give you some great tips of things to do/places to go - not just the big tourist-y things) By the way - one of the BIGGEST (of course, its in Texas!) and BEST Antiques show is coming up - Round Top - March 29th-April 3rd. It is GLORIOUS!!!


mean! so mean to tease us like this! Please post and explain what you are up to!

have a lovely weekend, wherever you are!

Kelly Jo

Nice :) Although I wish you would have found a different pic of the longhorn cow. He is looking a bit scary. I seriously doubt that barb wire would do much to hold him back. And now I am going to have "Yellow Rose of Texas" stuck in my head all night. Very pretty pictures :)

All these comments on expecting - hehe! Wait for me and we can have the next ones together. We can have a contest to see who goes first. It will be fun!

Jennifer S.

Hmmm...I think you bought a pair of boots that made you feel like the Yellow Rose of Texas and hungry for a steak. So, you gassed up your Longhorn and moved to San Antonio??? Ha! Sure have missed your posts and pics of your kiddos!!


KATIE!! Girl, I thought that I was gonna see a positive pregnancy test! But what did I see? Some smokin' good looking barbeque, and there are fewer things more wonderful than that!! :o)

If you guys moved to TX, I'm so excited for you! Praying that the Lord blesses you all immensely in your new endeavors! Woo hoo!

P.S. And if you're just down there for BBQ...then you're my hero. :o)


You can't leave us hanging like this!!!


Where are you?? It's been over a month since you left us hanging! You're worse than the season finale of Grey's!!! Tell us already!!

Susan Carter

Oh I hope you've moved to Texas - I live in Austin and I have an Amelia too - we should get them together if you're here now! I miss your blogging!


We can only surmise the long wait to hear from you means you've moved! Hurry up and post some new updates and PICS of your new house! (even if you're not done decorating and painting and all the other wonderfulness that comes with new homes!)

Anxiety Remedies

Love your boots collection!

Carol Look EFT

I'm guessing that you've moved to Texas?


Was this an April Fools Joke that you started in Feb? Please my curosity is killing me! HAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASEEEEEEEEE


So are you ever going to tell us?!

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