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January 02, 2011


scrappy jessi

Hey doll

aaahhh beautiful pictures.
Your kiddos are darling
hope you had a fab new years!


Love all the pictures! Their precious faces are sheer JOY! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!!

Julie, the Mama

Everything looks perfectly festive. I especially love the family Christmas plate. And the pictures of the food, of course.

Oh, and in case you didn't know it, AK grew a mile sometime since you last posted a picture of her. Not sure how that happened.

Erin Branscom

Awwww, awesome! We have a lot of the same traditions! I did Christmas trees in the kids rooms this year too. I did a bright pink one in Audrey's! I did silver and gold in the boy's and let them decorate them both and they had so much fun. They came up with some neat little ideas. What is your recipe for the sausage balls? Yummy!!!

And did you make those Barbie clothes???

Single Dad

I'm a single dad of 2, age 2 and 5. I find your site so interesting and helpful. I hope I have much time each day to drop by and check your site for recent post. By the way thank you for sharing this.


brilliant! I'm so glad you posted about your Christmas.

I set up a tiny silver tinsel tree for my little girls favourite toy, Naught-Nee the cat. She was so ecstatic that he had his own tree, I nearly cried seeing her happiness! It's so true that it really does not take much to make tiny people truly happy.

Wishing you a very happy new year :O) xx


It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. And those New Years cupcakes look yummy! Aren't little ones SO MUCH FUN? It almost makes me want to have another. Almost:)

Carrie Mizell

Looks like y'all had a great Christmas! I love the pictures of Amelia and Jack. They are so good!! I cannot get over how good they did with Santa. Wow! Happy New Year :)


Such cute pictures! I love AK and Jack Jack's faces--especially AK's smiles when she looks like she's up to mischief! I love the traditions you are starting, particularly the Christmas trees in each room. Such a sweet idea and I know your family will be so happy to have them in the future! :) Happy New Year to you too!!


Such a sweet Christmas recap! :) Looks like yall had a great one! The pics of JackJack and AK are precious, as always. Those two sure are some pretty babies!!! I love that you put a tree in their rooms this year! SO fun! I cant wait for next year, I know AB will be SO into it! She was into it this year, but I know next will be even better! And may I also say how darling Barbie's dresses are?!?!? I dont know where you found them, but they are precious!

Aunt Kay

What beautiful pictures! We missed seeing you in person but your comments with the pics are priceless! AK must take after cousin Emilee. I always said, "if it ain't flashy and trashy" she wasn't interested. She's grown out of it now so live large while you can! Love ya,


Love the photos! I've never had oyster stew. Maybe I'll get brave and try it next year!

Kelly Jo

Whoa! Those are some seriously southern Barbies with big hair. I know that is what all of ours looked like growing up...but somehow I thought they had a more tamed mane these days.

Glad you put up Jack’s fish face. All the pictures are great but I am partial to the one with his mouth hanging open. Don’t know why. Just love it. But I adore the kids and the lights! Little sweeties. Makes me miss them. I just have to get on YouTube and watch AK baking cookies when that feeling comes. Or when I want a PB&J.

Glad to know that Amelia likes glitz. You have been holding out on that for some reason. Come April you will have a Bedazzler in your mailbox. Complete with rhinestone refills. If I would have had the information sooner, your little snowman might have had a glamed up face : )

Happy you had a Merry Christmas!


All your decorations looks so magical! And I just love, love, love your babies' cute little christmas outfits! Precious!


Oh everything looked so cozy and warm!!! What a beautiful Christmas you had! I only wish I could have taken part in all those snow ball cookies and sausage balls.

How sweet that you put little trees in their rooms!!! That is a memorable tradition that I'm sure they will treasure each year.

Many blessings to you and the fam for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year my southern friend!!!

And tell your kids to just STOP getting so big. Jack Jack looks entirely too much like a little boy and not enough like the baby I remember him as. Geesh!


I just love this post. seriously. just love it. :)
(and we have a picture with the same santa)


Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos! Love the ones of Amelia Kate & Jack! Adorable! Looks like you and your family had a fantastic Christmas!

Happy New Year to you, too!!

Carol & Max Harrell

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ there are not enough ♥'s around to express how much I love your Christmas 2010 pictures and happenings. Your children are beautiful and I am so glad that they are growing up with the love of God, their parents and family around them. The holidays are so special and I think you all enjoyed and glorified Jesus with each and every celebration. Wishing you blessings throughout the year and wishing you many, many happy blogging hours just sayin that I adore looking at those cute children and hearing about the funny stories of your life.
Gran C in Athens

Heart Reflections Live

Beautiful photos and a beautiful family. Thankyou for sharing them with us, Katie. Happy New Year to you all.


Dearest Katie,
I should like to begin by saying:
Oh, that belly!
Aren't those little bellies the Good Lord's dearest design?
Katie, I find this post so touching, as I have experienced what I can call a First Christmas. My little one is now old enough to live the wonders of this beautiful season, and I certainly live them in a dear new way. Thank you, sweet friend.

Jaime Price

Your babies are precious! I'm hoping for my first Santa picture with my babies next year....fingers crossed!

Your family is precious! Would you be willing to share your sausage ball recipe?? I am in MOPS and that would be a great brunch treat to take! Thanks!


I love love love this post, mama! And I simply must tell you that we got about 20,000 Barbies this Christmas and so now naked ones are trekking all over the place with us, LOL. It made me think of you guys. ;o)

I'm back to blogging, too, so I wanted to share that...and did I tell you that we're having another little Budd in the summer?! Oh my, bring on the water ice for what I know is sore feet on hot days to come! Not that I'm going to put my toes into cherry or anything...although...hmmm...

So glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas and praying for a terrific new year, too!!

Susan Huff

Hi Katie. We have bought a new (to us) house, and are trying to figure out some sort of backsplash in the kitchen. I remember that you had started a backsplash project. What did you do, and how did it turn out? Can we see pix?! I love all your ideas and projects! Thanks!


They are darling, and you are blessed all-around. Thank you for sharing!


I love getting to see those beautiful pictures of Amelia and Jack. Your Christmas decorations were beautiful! I'm loving the Barbie collection and the homemade Christmas plate. =)
Miss you guys! Love you!


Katie, beautiful pics! Your kids are precious! I'm a Mom of 3 little ones! I loved the sneak peek in Jack's room! It's really cute! Loved that old truck by his christmas tree! Where did you find those Barbie's are they vintage!?! What about the GI Joe stuff is it vintage? What book is that pic of the sleigh ride from? Love that illustration!

Looks like you all had a terrific Christmas! Give us a scoop on your January resolutions and deep cleaning and organizing! I'm assuming you are busy whipping your house into shape like the rest of us! :)

~ Ali


Have you bought or DIY a dollhouse for you cutie yet? Just curious! I'm on the hunt myself for a dollhouse and was thinking of trying to make one! If I bought one I love the PBK's dollhouse but, its pricey!

~ Ali

Jean Mattox

I love your site! Great family and lovely pictures!



I miss you and your posts! I'm thinking you must have taken the entire month to deep clean and organize your home or maybe you have gone to visit your little niece or maybe just maybe you have decided to take on a special "bun in the oven" project for 2011! Whatever you are doing I'm sure you are doing it with laughter and style! Happy New Year!

~ Ali


where oh were is our friend Katie?? Hope all is well, sure do miss your posts!!


hello??!!?!?!?!? you out there?!?!?!?! we havent had a Katie-post in weeks. I'm having withdrawls... Hope all is well with you guys! Just checking on ya and saying I miss ya!!! :)

Susan Huff

Hey Katie, I know you're a busy Mommy, but really missing your posts. Let us know what's been up this month with those babies and that beautiful home of yall's.


Missing your blog posts! Hope all is well with your family!


Katie! I've missed your posts lately. I hope all is well. Your children are just precious and what a great gift you and your husband give to them in your home and life. I just adore the photo of your daughter baking. I have so many memories of my little sister baking shirtless with flour all over her and in her hair. Priceless memories!

Sarah {Monogram Chick}

We love sausage balls for all holidays around our house too! :)


Honey, where are ya?

Mindi White

I check in every day, almost, miss your posts and seeing those sweet kiddos, hope everything is fine and dandy, no one sick or hurt and that maybe you're just super busy! Blessings, Mindi


hope all is well with you and yours, and that you had a lovely Valentine's.



Hey, girl! I miss your posts! It's not like you to go so long without sharing. Hope everything is okay. Just wanted you to know you're in my prayers.

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Joy Peterson

Where did you find those precious Barbie outfits? I, too, have a 4 year old and finding clothes for her Barbies is increasingly frustrating--those outfits are adorable and, for lack of a better word, not skanky.

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