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December 19, 2010


Julie, the Mama

I tell you what, it is feast or famine over there at HH. For the record, I am LOVING all of these updates.

And those cookies are PRESH.


These are adorable!


What cute cookies!! I'm going to borrow this idea and make some myself! I love it! I couldn't comment on your other post, but I will here--I love the cookie ornaments!! Did you use granny's recipe? I love that Amelia loves to help you in the kitchen. :)


Those are adorable, what a cute idea!


These are super cute! Even though our snowmen last here until about April (unfortunately) I could call them our dream-snowmen cookies! ha ha! I just may have to make some of these!


So cute!!!


Love these Southern Snowmen! Way too cute!

~ Ali


Too cute!


they are so sweet! :o)


Ohhhhhhh! I love these!!! That might be the most creative sugar cookie I've ever seen!


Ahhh! These are perfect! Too cute, Katie!

natalie @ our old southern house

i saw these on smashed peas and carrots. so precious!! :-)
i'm thinking of making them for mary margaret's "cookies and milk" birthday party next saturday.


Our elf keeps us hopping too. :) Love the video. Happy New Year!!


SO cute! My kids would love these!

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