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December 15, 2010



What a beautiful post about rocking your baby girl and singing. You brought tears to my eyes, as well. Your photos are beautiful....your children are precious. Thanks for bringing a touch of southern love into my home. I'm following along with you.

Merry Christmas!


I'm thrilled you posted! :) I've been wondering what yall have been up to this Christmas! Of course I always love seeing your halls "decked"... :) We havent gotten Elf on the Shelf yet, but it's on my list to buy! :) We're definately going to start that tradition next year!!! Merry Christmas & much love to your precious family!


Ohh I would be"soo mex-cited" to see pretty lights too. HOW FUN!!! I nearly burst into tears reading about Silent Night. There is something amazing about rocking and singing to our babies and thinking about Mary and her baby that would sacrifice Himself so we could live.

Julie, the Mama

I did Away in a Manger with Anna Bea tonight, but my voice was cracking so bad only God knew what I was trying to sing. It IS just so emotional when you think about it.

Oh, and I think we need to enter Jack Jack and Boss into a Kennedy Hair Look Alike contest. Surely one of them would win and we could split the money and go somewhere warm.

Charon Benton

Awww...I love it! Been waiting on a new post from ya! We don't have Elf on the Shelf, maybe I'll find one after christmas this year?!:!?!?!?!


Silent Night is my all time favorite hymn.
It looks like you've been busy with cookies, as we have. But yours look much better! Our girls are grown, but I remember the cookie baking days with them very well. Such mess, but so much fun!
I also love the last song. I grew up to my mom playing the Firestone records on our stereo. (I'm telling my age, here.) There's just something about those oldies that makes me feel like Christmas is here.
Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!


oh just lovely. I get all teary eyed when I hear the Christmas carols too.

Love all the photos, but what I'm most in awe of is both your children are wearing socks, and look toasty warm.
Honestly, my little Ratbag is so bad, she rips off socks/shoes/slippers, refuses to wear a cardigan or any other knitwear, and if I zip up her leisurewear tops, she immediately unzips them. I have threatened the use of sellotape and staples to keep things in place (yet to do it, but often give it serious consideration!).
It would be ok if we lived in a hot location, but cold, grey, wet, and soon to be snowy again England, is not the place to run around half naked!

Merry Christmas to you and your family xxx


KATIE!!!! Can I just tell you that your photography skills are fantastic girlfriend! That picture of baby Jesus with the blurred twinkling lights in the background made my heart sing! And I am most definitely going to steal your post-bath Christmas light fieldtrip idea!! The kids will get a kick for sure.

And where did you get those adorable polka-dot slippers with straps???

Oh and good to know you share my love of all things sugar cookies + icing. If you wouldn't mind, I would love to get your fav recipe sometime. I know you've been testing batch after batch and all. Come to think of it, I should probably just go that route as well....ha! I cheated with the babies last week and used Betty Crocker from a box. ;) Ssshhhh!


Can I share? Two nights ago, my 6 1/2 year old daughter sang "Silent Night" to her 5-year-old brother at bedtime. It will likely happen for you in the not-too-distant future! Have your husband on hand to hold you up so you don't swoon from joy!

Kelly Jo

Hey! Why aren't there any pics of the "J's" (I mean Candy Canes)? Those cookies look very tasty no matter what shape they are. I am going to have to bake myself some ASAP! I love your wreath, Elfie and all the lights but my fave is that tiny little finger poking Baby Jesus. You can tell there has been a warning to leave the nativity alone (poking doesn't count). The kids looks snug as a bug in those pj's. SWEET! So happy you all are getting to spend time doing all the fun Christmas traditions as a family! Love you all!

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