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December 16, 2010


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Oh I could just eat AK up. She is so stinkin cute. I love her outfit, her bow, everything. What a fun tradition!


we just went yesterday and had quite the time with priscilla! i blogged about it, too! i didn't get the pleasure of riding this year, but jeffrey got to experience the pink pig with libbi by his side while i was the official photographer. :)


How long was your wait? I hear it can be hours! Did Jack Jack enjoy it as well? When my baby was young enough to enjoy Priscilla she was not available. I don't think I could pay him to ride it now at age 12. Their outfits were so darlin'! You are making memories friend.


we love the pink piggie too!!
great pics & i love that you too are sportin' some pink

Carol & Max Harrell

Tis the season and it looks like Harrington House is real, real jolly. Love the pictures, love AK & Jack, Jack and I so love The Pink Pig. Christmas love & blesssings to you and yours. You are such a bright light in this world and you reflect the love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Merry Christmas from your Athens cyber peeps!

Julie, the Mama

Now if that doesn't make me miss home, nothing will. So glad y'all had fun, and that AK got to tell Priscilla how pretty she is.

Oh, and AK's head of hair is every bit as good as Jack Jack's. Between your two and Neely Jo, y'all could take over the Good Hair Club.


oh, such gorgeous photos.
I really love the one when AK is sitting on Priscilla, her look is of total and utter happiness. I love it!

Happy, happy Christmas xx

Kelly Jo

I am so glad ya'll got to see Priscilla again this year! This looks like so much fun and I cannot wait to bring Neely Jo down so she can ride shotgun with Amelia. She will have to show Neely the ropes AKA teach her how to jump up on Priscilla's lap without warning. And AK's take home piggy is absolutely beautiful! I love the bow and the curly tail...clearly AK loves her, too. Jack-Jack will find his own Christmas fun no doubt. Rough and tough as he is, I am sure his lil tradition will end up being a handful for you. Can't wait to find out what it is!!!


Your blog is my new favorite. :) Our family lives in Georgia and we live in Indiana. I am just about the only one up here that does big bows and monogrammed clothes. Love it!

Linda Johnson

Can you tell me where you bought Amelia's stuffed pink pig?

Thank you!

Carrie Mizell

What a fun time!! Amelia is too cute with her pink Priscilla and poor Jack, get that boy something masculine quick ;) Looks like y'all are in full swing Christmas!! Such craziness, but good times for sure.

Julie C.

Oh my goodness I am 46 years old, grew up in Atlanta, and rode The Pink Pig!!! I screamed my head off the entire time, then asked to ride it again. My dad didn't think that was funny at all.
Thank you for all the pics, they bring back so many memories.


I am 27 years old... my 3 brothers and I went every year to ride the Pink Pig when we went to visit my grandparents. I think at that time is was on the roof of Rich's... is that right??? We still talk about it to this day!

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