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December 18, 2010



my little girl is exactly the same. We have two types of cooking.

'mockery cookery', that's cookies mixes, cake mixes etc.


'properly cookery', that's when we make things from scratch!

We do mockery cookery because well, it's quick and easy, and little people like things to move quickly don't they?!
I like properly cookery as long as I can get on with it. Last week I made three gingerbread houses from scratch. All using different recipes for the biscuit base. It was a lot of hard work, especially as I had my Little Elf trying to 'help'!
On Saturday I made the third and final one, then stuck it together and left it overnight. On Sunday, The Girl and The Husband decorated it with about three million sweeties, and I told Gorgeous Girl that she was allowed to eat this one (the others are display only, even though perfectly edible). She's loved it, and every day I find her moving the house to a table and taking a few sweeties off it. I've even hidden some choccy coins inside, so she can bash the roof in to get more choc!

I love getting children involved in cooking, and understanding about food. It's important.

Your tree cookies look fabulous.
Merry Christmas, from a very snowy England :o) xx


Those are adorable & my girl also loves to bake! I'd try out those cookie ornaments, but I've already baked about 1000 cookies this year (no joke) & I'm done! Next year, though!


Love those!!! will you post or send me the recipe please :) My little guy would get a kick out of making those. Love the ribbon you tied them on with also!

Kelly Jo

I am so glad AK loves to cook! I know you love her help and it must be so much fun to make the cookies together instead of by yourself - it doesn't feel like you are missing anything if she is right there with you (cause you know good and well that if she wasn't in there she would be into something else - like baby powder - hehe!). The ornaments look beautiful and I love the pic of you all at the tree farm. She has such a sweet face!

Julie, the Mama

I wish AK would come up here to my kitchen. I'm certain she already knows more than I do.

Cute, cute, cute pictures.


Those ornaments are too cute!! I am gonna have to look up that Pink Pig thing because my little ones would go bonkers for something like that!


the ornaments are such a great idea! where can I find a recipe for them? (i don't want to make you type it all out for me!)your little girl just gets cuter and cuter :)


So sweet & southern....just like you!

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