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October 14, 2010



Are you not just having fits over that hairbow???? I am. I am also having fits that your sister looks that good after JUST HAVING A BABY. People like that get me so depressed that I have to run to McDonald's for some comfort food.


your sister is positively glowing! I did NOT look that good (or happy) after childbirth! Wish I had.

That little girl is just adorable. :o) xx


Ha Ha - I'm sure your sister loves that!

Your sister couldn't look more like you, actually!

What an adorable picture! :)

Charon Benton

STOP IT! What a sweet precious little girl!! I am LOVING IT!!


Ohhhhhhhh she is PRESH! Love that itty bitty bow she is wearing. Your sis is gorgeous....must run in the fam!


AH HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Too cute! Your sis looks fab!


oh my it because they are both tiny and petite? or unfairly precious right after birth? i swear, i thought libbi was gonna come out weighing at least 30 lbs and then i'd only have half of my baby weight left to lose.....don't get me wrong...she did tip the scales at almost 9 lbs (being two and a half weeks early no less) but i definitely didn't look like your sister. tell me she's photoshopped, just to make me feel better :)


Oh my word... look at that baby girl. LOVE the picture. Too funny! That itty bitty hairbow is too much...And "Aunt KiKi" looks amazing! :)


Congratulations to your sis, Katie!!!!!! WHAT A BLESSING! Adorable, scrumptious, totally fashionable from the get-go! Love that darlin' babe and praying for loads of wonderful blessings from Him on the whole family! Congratulations!

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