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October 12, 2010



Love them all...very Father of the Bride like.


I love 'em all.


I just recently discovered your blog and love it!!! You have such great taste!

Carrie Mizell

I am swooning over the first house. That color is divine!!


Holy Moly! Where were these taken? I could die just to live in the garage of that first house. :)


I really love the first picture!

Immeasurably More Mama

All really beautiful homes.


beautiful homes. Thank you for sharing them xx

Kelly Jo

The third is stunning! I would love to have any of them!

Carol & Max Harrell

I vote for house # 4, looks like it would provide plenty of space so that Mama & Them, Harrington House, Clubb House & Are we There yet could have a great time being together. Sure hope this is a giveaway and my post is selected. That front door really works as well as my dreams and imagination. LOL!!!! Just discovered Clubb House. Must run in the family, can't wait to read another exciting adventure in the lives of girls from the bluegrass!


I love the houses! Did you find those in your neighborhood or online?? This Christmas I am going to take a picture of this house that I am so obsessed with (after learning about it from someone else who was obsessed with it). I think it's going to be so intense you'll have to move up here to live in it and I'll come visit you all of the time!! :)




That first house is wonderful. I agree with @Anita, very Father of the Bride. "Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street." Swoon =o)


I'll take door #1!!!




I felt like that while looking at every single house in Druid Hills this fourth of July when I was there visiting my sister (and walking in their neighborhood parade). So southern, so charming, and so gorgeous from every single angle. ;)

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