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September 01, 2010


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Cool picture.

And I feel your pain.

I'm ok with September - November because of college football. Then, we hit the holidays and I'm fine through Christmas. I even tolerate that week after Christmas. But then January comes. That is about the time my kids start getting sick. At a minimum, I'm sick of bundling them up to go outside by then. January drags. And February, good grief; February lasts forever. Don't even get me started on March. It is supposed to be warm in March, but noooooooooooooooo, it still gets cold then.

And just when I'm at my breaking point, and threatening to move to South Florida, an 80 degree day will appear. And all will be well with the world...UNTIL THE NEXT DAY WHEN IT IS 38 degrees again.

Think you struck a nerve with this post?! :-)


that is the perfect photo.

Bless your heart. YOu are the only person in the world (and I am not joking), who makes me really want to love summer. No easy feat! I am cold weather only, but there have been days this summer when I've enjoyed it, because I've seen it through your eyes. You made me remember how much I loved summer as a child. Seriously, no one else can do that.

Thank you so much for your sweet email. I was really touched by it. It was not a good Monday, but having an unexpected note from you just cheered me up.

Thank you :o)

Sadie xx


Hey there! I'm so glad that y'all have had a good summer! I hope your fall is just as blessed :0).


Beautiful photo Katie!

I get one more week of summer because we are heading to the beach this weekend for a long glorious week of vacation. I'll be so sad to say goodbye to warm temps and bare tootsies after that!


katie what camera do you have?? love your pics

Kelly Jo

Cheer up! You have all kinds of things to look forward to...cold nights with a HUGE bowl of sausage balls, bundled up in a fuzzy blanket with a crackling fire. It could be just as much fun as summer :) And if you don't have fun I volunteer to come down and crank your heat up as high as it will go and then you can run through the kitchen in your swimsuit and I will drench you with the kitchen sprayer. It will be like an indoor sprinkler. I will only do it because I love you so.


Dear Katie,
I find myself in the throes of that old, sweet summertime nostalgia.
"Their sweet summer feet...brown as biscuits on top with sugar-white soles."
Wonderfully worded, and what a dear image.


Beautiful! I'm a long time Tallahassee reader and I keep thinking I'm the only person who's holding onto every last second of summer...until your post. You said it perfectly - and that picture! Gorgeous! You've put a much needed smile on my face - thank you. Here's to short winters.

Jessica McCash

How sweet you are! You are such a source of encouragement to me. Thank you for inspiring me to "keep on keepin' on!" : ) Have a great week!

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