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September 13, 2010



The title got me tickled...but not NEAR as much as the AK story. Especially the part about the racecar.


I have fried okra my whole life and I've never heard of Kentucky Kernel where can you find it? We just us Jiffy Corn Meal, in Texas please let me know.


Oh she is so rotten! I remember the first (and only!) time I stole gum from Kmart. Dad made me take it back--and apologize to the manager! AH! I'm glad she's learning some good lessons when she's too little to do much harm! :) AND the okra looks amazing! :)

Heather L.

Oh my! Too funny about the balls - and the car!

Fried okra makes everything better!!! YUM!


Where in Cobb County can you find Kentucy Kernel?


oh my, you are such a tonic. It's always refreshing and delightful to visit you.

I love okra (many people hate it in England, but not me!), love the you fried it.

ooh to the Arftul Dodger! Your shop keepers are kind hearted, and understand that children do these things. My little girl hasn't got as far as pilfering, but sometimes she tries to stick things in my handbag! I end up hysterically hissing 'no, no, mummy will end up in prison'!

I think you might need to sew up pockets before you venture out! ;o)


:o) I remember those days of "sticky fingers". All three of our girls tried it, but I finally wised up enough to catch the last one before we actually left the store! And I have not heard anyone use "haint" in such a long time. Not since my grandma. Love it!
Oh, and fried okra is a staple around here, too. Yours looks so good that I may have to make some today. Have a great week with your babies!


Oh my gosh! That is too funny about the racecar!

Carrie Mizell

STOP IT, Katie! I have all but fell out of my office chair and rolled on the floor reading this post. I was laughing so hard over the "findings" that my co-workers asked me to read it to them and when I did we all had to take a minute to compose ourselves!!! Girl, I don't know what you are going to do with Little Miss, but when you figure it out please pass it on to me because I am needing some help in the mischievous little girl department too!!


That story is too cute! The store owner was so nice about it, too.

Amelia Kate looks so much like you in that photo. her face, not the "raggedy" part!


Oh my goodness, I am rolling laughing so hard right now. I go away for a week and come back to this hilarious update??? I missed your blog so much!! I want to be best friends with Amelia...she has the spunkiest personality ever. You just keep this story in your back pocket and pull it out in say, 15 years or so. This is too much!!! I can tell you (as someone other than her mama) that this story is hilarious. I know that if I was her mama though, I would feel differently. ha haahahaha!!!


I love me some fried okra! We actually go to a local mom and pop steakhouse every week just for the fried okra lol!

Your story about Amelia's sticky fingers was so funny. I loved it.

Aunt Kay

and to think you named the previous blog "a handful of finds"... no one said anything about a handful of purchases! Love it...she takes after cousin Emilee


That is such a funny story!!! We have all been there! My hubby is a police Lt. so I have threatened my kiddos with jail time if they did something like that!! ha ha!!
I remember going up north as a little girl and pocketing a lucky purple rabbits foot. Well, I got about a mile down the road and my luck ran out, my mom saw me playing with it and marched me back in! It certainly made an impression on me. I am sure Amelia will never want to do that again! She is just treasure hunting momma!!


My second comment....just read the whole blog again to Bill. Now we're both laughing like crazy.

Kelly Jo

Haha! I love the pictures that go with this story - they make it even bettter. I read Aunt Kay's comment - crack me up! Amelia and Emilee would make a scary little team :) I am so excited about all the things that Amelia is going to teach Baby Girl but this one is making me nervous. But I guess if you are going to give yourself a free-ninety-nine discount you ought to at least look cute doing it - and she does. You will have to pat her down from now on!


Carrie told me about your blog. That is HILARIOUS! Bless your heart! It sounds like you have a real character on your hands :)


Hi Katie ~ I came across your blog when I was looking for some decorating inspiration, but this entry just about had me on the floor!!! My kids are older than yours, but this brings back so many (now precious) memories! I especially enjoy your entries about your faith and your love for the Lord! Blessings to you.

Kate (Southern Belle Simple)

i want my cover band to be called "band of haints" i love that! and your little sticky fingers mcghee is cute as she be too! i've never tried this breading, but if it's been in biz since 1810, it must be grand! ooey gooey i love me some fried okra! or in my neck of the woods, okrey! xoxo


Oh Amelia:-) LOL. Isn't parenting a trip? Sometimes I wonder if God sits in heaven and just giggles. That okra has my mouth watering. It looks heavenly.


Oh mercy. No Amelia Kate didn't. Too funny!! How fun will it be to revisit this story in 15 or 20 years?!?! That's why i love blogging!

Reynie @ Southern Girl Rambling

Fried okra makes everything okay. I'm sure Mike agrees!


I love me some fried okra, but lately fried pickles are what I really love! ;)

What a funny and cute story about AK and the racecar. Hilarious! I, too, would have died!!


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No words. Just...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Too cute!


I came home from church this afternoon extremely embarrassed over something that happened with my three-year-old daughter there. I needed a break from "my reality" so I went to your blog, and felt so much better about my situation. It's important to remember these things happen to all moms!


Can you believe I've never had okra? The Pacific NW is good for so many things ... but not so good on southern delicacies!

And. Raggedy and Dazed? I'm very familiar with those children! I have a few myself ...

(ps- Love the table!)



I am giving you an award on my blog.
Please join the fun.

sandy toe

What a cute little boy and girl-

sandy toe


Precious!! I took nails from a hardware store when I was a kid. Dont ask me why!!?? I showed them to my older brother when I got home and he scared the bejeebers out of me, saying the police were going to come get me. Oh the memories. This is the first time I've read your blog and I love it!

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