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August 10, 2010


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gorgeous. Table setting and food. I had to google funnel cakes because of you - and found a video of some being made that I found totally fascinating. I think I'd have to buy and scoff them if they were sold here!



Lovely shells!!! And you know I love photos of food! That shrimp salad looks DIVINE. I've never made that it easy?

Perfect to show off your new napkin rings! (Seriously, why don't you publish a book with all these lovely antique shop finds??!!)

And do you go to these stores with the kids? I want to go to some around my house so badly but am scared to death to bring the kids in with me.


So pretty and perfect napkin rings. LOVE that shrimp salad, too! I just made some recently, but used cucumber slices as cups instead of the phyllo shells. Saw it on a recipe of Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade and everyone commented on how unique and cute they were on the tray. Here's a pic of someone else's here:


So pretty! I just saw some shells like that the other day and was fascinated by them! Looks so pretty with the pink napkins. Yummy little ditties you have there!!!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life

Lol - this title made me laugh. :)


Those shells look lovely as napkin rings...but I am a child of the 80's (who grew up in FL) and I totally remember using those same kind of shells to hold our sideways knotted tshirts!!

Do you remember those? You gathered and pulled the bottom hem of your tshirt to the side (like a side ponytail!)and then tied it in a knot. Us "hip" FL girls would pull the corner of the tshirt through and then the shell held it into the knot. Hilarious and embarassing to think about!!

They are much better suited as napkin rings!! :)


So pretty, Katie! And you are right Paula's shrimp salad is divine. All hail the queen of Food Network, Savannah and those Deen boys ;)


Hey, I have have some sliced seashells! My brother brought them back for me from Florida. I think they're so neat. NEVER thought to use them as napkin rings, but you can bet I'm gonna try it!


The shells are as pretty as the title is funny...and that is saying a LOT about their beauty.


Oh Paula Deen, Paula Deen, Paula Deen!! One of my good friends goes to Savannah every year and eats at their restaurant. She was just extoling its beautiful merits to me today and I'm itching to get down there myself!

P.S. The shells are gorgeous, and I looove the name of this post. :o) By the way, the one looks like the top of a skeleton key! Cool!

natalie @ our old southern house

I love the napkin ring idea. PERFECT USE! :-)

Kelly Jo

Very pretty! I love it when food is matchy matchy with the table settings. Makes me hungry :)


Ohhh those shells are AMAZING!!! I have not seen anything like that! Love them!!

Angela | the painted house

Brilliant use of the shells!

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