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August 07, 2010


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Look at AK swimming in a big ol' bow! LOVE it!


Cute as ever!

I don't know how you make it with AK not napping and Jack only taking one nap a day!!! :) I guess if they are happy that would make a huge difference. Westin is crashing two hours after he wakes up. Haha


but surely you ladies are mermaids?! :O) lovely piccies.


Hey! Where in Atlanta do you go that has sand? I know there's a beach at Lake Lanier but not sure where else. I like that Mike and Jack both have red trunks.

abby@ talesandtrials

It made me smile to see AK with a BIG bow in her hair even in the pool. Your kids are SO cute!

sandy toe

How cute! That water looks refreshing.

sandy toe

Charon Benton

how cute! us too!

Kelly Jo

I cannot believe Jack Jack is under the water like that!


Oh my heart!?? Jack can swim underwater??!! You weren't kidding about those gills! Fantastic pictures and I am still in awe that you guys have a "watering hole" around there with sand and everything!!!

I love that you guys have been outdoors so often this summer. Just glad you've been staying cool!!!


I love that Miss Amelia has her big white bow in even in the water. :o) Even mermaids have the most wonderful 'dos!


Just like his dad...

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