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August 08, 2010



Those are going to be some mighty clean it bad that I'm laughing my head off at this post?


Having that laundry room would make me want to do laundry all day. Period.

At least you'll have really clean towels!
: )

Charon Benton

Oh my. One of THOSE days?

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life.

Sadly, I've done the same thing.

More than once. :(


Beautiful kids, beautiful house, beautiful hair, and now you power-clean?! You are out of my league!

Carolina Gal

Hi Katie,
I've been a fan of your lovely blog for a while now, but never commented. Today I just had to! I have done that very thing myself. Then turned around to put away what I just reloaded into the washer. You just have to laugh....

Oh, and that laundry room you found is wonderful! I enjoy doing laundry, but that would make it even more enjoyable.


Oh Katie! That is the worst! I've done that before as well...usually when I have about 15 loads of truly dirty clothes that need washed! I love the blog title too--I feel like that all of the time! :)


Hahahaha - yeah, Becky, I know! I feel like that way too often. I heard that line from Beth Moore, and it tickled me. ;o)


I am laughing, but only because I have done the same thing! We have a tiny laundry room, so clothes often go into baskets to be folded in another room. If I'm busy, or Lauren is under my feet, I have forgotten which basket is clean.... don't feel bad! :)

And I have totally unloaded a dirty dishwasher before as well! Ha!

I think mamas just have so much to do! Thanks for the totally drool-worthy laundry room pic as well!


Too funny! Just don't start putting dishes in the washer! :D

Reynie @ Southern Girl Rambling

Every since I've had my little one I noticed that I do things like that. I birthed a baby but most days I feel like I birthed my brain!


I have a 3 month old and I feel like my brain is not ever going to be the same! How about getting the laundry machine all ready to go with water...walking away and realizing that you have just washed water...not a piece of clothing....grrrrr....

ps...redoing my laundry room to look like that....asap!

Carrie Mizell

I am laughing so hard b/c that is soooo me and I'm a red head!!! I swear, girl, I found my cell phone in the silverware bin in our dishwasher last week and the sad part is...I sooo wanted to blame it on Allie. For shame, I know ;)

Lindsey O.

Oh golly. I think we've all had that happen. And you can't stop it once you do it because they are already wet! You just have to let them go then!!! I tried to microwave something in the pantry while I was pregnant. I just stood there after closing the door trying to figure out why it wasn't going.... wow. You're not alone!

Kelly Jo

At least they are washed twice instead of not at all. One time I had a load of dirty clothes and Derrick folded them and put them away. I know people think it's nice to have a husband that helps with laundry, but not that day! Try thinking of all the dirty clothes in one load and trying to go back and find them in drawers and closets. I about had a breakdown.


I started doing my husbands laundry today and when I went to switch loads realized I hadn't actually turned them on! Glad to hear I am not the only one in the world with laundry mishaps! :)

I have a laundry closet, so this is the most amazing laundry room. I think I would sit in there all day long. I would even start washing clean clothes just to be in there. ha!


only makes us love you more!

Yesterday I opened the washing machine after running it ... and it was empty. Yup, I forgot to put the laundry in with the soap and water ... I have 3 little kids. My brain is officially mush. I hope it returns one day, but I'm not so sure ... :)


If my husband saw the title of this blog post, I'd hear it for the rest of my life!! (or at least until I get old enough to start paying for that "old lady blue" tone). :)

You mean you're human? I thought you were just a super-woman with two of the world's cutest kidlets! I've re-washed (and dried) things that didn't need to be done - and I've forgotten to clean things that DID need cleaning. Life goes on...thank goodness being absent-minded isn't one of the things that will keep us out of heaven!! :)

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