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August 30, 2010



Katie! I am so excited that you posted some more pictures! I was so devastated that I wasn't able to attend, but from the looks of it, ya'll had a really good time! The food looks to die or, as well!! :)


oh how lovely. I'm so glad I stopped by today. It all looks gorgeous, and has cheered me up on what has been a truly miserable day.



It looked like it was so fun and I loved your decorations! Your sister looks just like you, too. Precious!


Your sister looks precious!!! What a fun day! (Love the white pumpkin! I can hardly keep from going out and buying one after seeing yours!)



Gorgeous Katie!!! How fun. Kelly looks fabulous! And AK looks infatuated with that baby. She'll be a wonderful cousin. Jack, well, he's just too cute:)

mrs frisbie

Congratulations!! It sounds like it was a beautiful (and yummy) party and a fun time had by all! Congratulations to the parents-to-be as well!!

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BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful party. I love the gentlemen and ladies menus. I might just have to steal that idea for our next gathering.

Charon Benton

Girlfriend! I LOVE that you used two differnet "menus"!! What a neat idea! The decorations were beautiful too!!! Glad y'all had fun!!!


It all looks so fabulous! And those pictures have made me hungry! I absolutely love that you had different food set up at different stations- very fun idea! Those flowers are gorgeous! Now I want a sausage ball and some chicken salad!


love the little pumpkin symbolic of october due date and all the touches are just beautiful

gorgeous mommy too

love amelia playing wiht the little one


What a wonderful celebration you all had to welcome a future little one.
Those cookies in thsoe bags with the cute stamped tag on it look yummy. I have seen them somewhere recently. Did y'all make them or buy them?


That looks like a fabulous party and your sister looks so beautiful! Congrats to your family!


Love it!!! You sure know how to throw a party :)
And if I looked like your sister, I would just stay pregnant. Some people have all the luck! She is precious!


What a sweet shower, Katie. I bet Kelly Jo was beside herself. I don't think there is a more fun cause to celebrate than a new baby! Prior to Allie Claire's arrival, Annie held a couples shower for us and it was so much fun. The mixing and mingling. One thing is for sure, men at the party add a whole new perspective!!! (Beer, barbeuce and brownies--I love it!)


Oh my heavens what a beautiful event!!! Such southern charm!!!! You are going to be a fabulous Aunt!!! Kelly Jo is stunningly beautiful as a glowing pregnant mommy. Congrats to the whole family! Can't wait to hear the big news in October!!!

By the way - I love all the photos of the small details. Those are my favorite parts of any party.


Aww, Katie! SO exciting! My sis Lauryn and my brother-in-law Nick are expecting a little boy - Dominick Joseph - in January!! *I* am an Aunt Kiki (and my sister is an Aunt Lala) and I am soooo stinkin' excited! My mom and I are planning Lauryn's baby shower right now, so seeing your lovely pictures gets me all giddy and ready for everything baby-tacular.

Congratulations on becoming an auntie and on the sweet baby gal who's going to be such a blessing and be so blessed herself by becoming a part of your family!


I think Jack & Jarrett have a similar hair color! I didn't want his hair to be red at first b/c I've never liked red hair, but its growing on me...& its not really read. Its more of a strawberry blonde!

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