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July 10, 2010


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Yes. Thank you. Needed those WONDERFUL words. My Bible looks the same, with lots and lots of notes. I do not see how some people think they can live without Him. I don't want to even think about doing it on my own.

Kelly Jo

Oh - you picked some good ones. I really like the last one. I am sure Mom would much rather hear you read these verses than go back in the day and be stuck listening to us sing "Meet Me in Montana" from the backseat. "Please turn this up, Mom. It's my favorite!" Haha!


Sweet, sweet post.

And now I'm too busy giggling about Kelly Jo's comment to say anything else. Bet you girls did a mean Meet Me in Montana....


Definitely a good problem to have. I love these, as well. Such wonderful reminders. :-)

Immeasurably More Mama

All really great verses.


Great verses! God's word is wise, true and powerful! Thanks for posting them! :)

~ Ali


I love your 'favorites' too! God's word is so powerful to teach, encourage, admonish, and instruct because every word is truth! I think it is just fine and dandy to make the whole Word a favorite! I need to spend more time in the Word than on the web - I'm thinking my children aren't seeing me digging into my favorite as often as they should! Would I miss the Word if my Bible got lost as much as I've missed the computer this past week? I've been asking myself this question!
Thanks for sharing your favorites!


I really enjoy my visits to your blog. You have a serene peace about you which spills over into your words. Makes it a very happy place to visit, and I love the peeks into you family life.



Hi! My name is Vanessa and I stumbled across your blog through a series of other blogs and just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed it! As a fellow Believer, wife, mom, and homemaker (in the truest sense of the word), I have appreciated all the heart and soul you reflect in each post. Actually, you were one of my inspirations in deciding to start my own blog. So, thank you and I look forward to joining this blogging adventure!
Vanessa at

Carrie Mizell

I have always been partial to Deut. 6.


Dearest Katie, such thoughtful choices of such wisdom. God bless a fine southern girl with a well marked-up bible.

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