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July 23, 2010



Dear Katie, what a beautiful image of the lake. Lilly looks like a fine dog. She has a wonderful smile. Enjoy your vacation. It isn't summer without a green smocked truck.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life

Oh my word, flaming marshmallows! Too funny. :)


Love the lake picture! Love Kentucky lakes especially Dale Hollow!

Charon Benton

love the smocking AND i love me some s'mores too!


just lovely. What a treat to find a post! I thought I'd have to go cold turkey :O)

have fun!

Carrie Mizell

Looks like a blast! Next time please video flying, flaming smores, cooked Amelia-style ;) Also, sounds like some little girl may need a Skippy for Christmas.


These posts never fail to crack me up girl! Flaming s'mores??!!! Too funny! I just wish I could see Miss Amelia live in action instead of just in photographs. :)

Sounds like y'all are off to a GREAT start. Can't wait to see & read more!!!

Oh and that might be the cutest monkey suitcase I have ever seen!!

P.S. We love cornhole!

Kelly Jo

I was hoping that you would have a pic of Skippy's pregnant belly. You should have brought her home and then the babies could have learned all about puppies! She is a cute little rascal. Becky Jo said AK tried to ride her like a pony and Jack shared some of his food with her. They need her. I can swing up there and get her for you if you want. I am sure her owners want you to have her :) And I am throwing all of my marshmallows out before your next visit. Sounds scary!

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