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June 14, 2010


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katie, i popped over from a comment you left on darby's blog. love the beadboard! (and the microwave over the range would have driven me crazy also.) your kitchen looks like ours did a few months ago. hubby removed the tile backsplash AND the countertops. we had the same torn up backsplash as you but also plywood countertops until the slab granite arrived. but it's sooo much better.


i used to live in atlanta. miss it!


love your blog- found you via Brianna's blog! I actually live in ATL with my family too!! if you want access to our blog- please leave ur email address in a comment on my blog titled 'abk family blog' or at my private blog is at abk family updates and i'll add u to that list! love the color of your dining room too!!!


You know, I was just telling Bill the other night how much I love the look of a beadboard backsplash. He replied with the typical "uh oh" until I assured him I can deal with the shiny tile in our new house, but only because we are only going to be there for 3 years. Poor guy; he gets so nervous when I bring up home repairs. And for good least you finish the drill. I usually make a huge mess, and then have to call him in to fix it.

OK, I've been mighty patient, now post some pictures of my youngins please. I know y'all have been doing some fun stuff over there.


Very pretty. Isn't beadboard wonderful?


It looks great! I've been thinking about doing that to my backsplash too! I love the color too!


I can tell from the wee bit of kitchen you show in the pictures it's already a fabulous improvement, would love to see more pics of the kitchen. I too have a counter and fruit tile I hate. Very tempted to follow suit and take a hammer to my tile :) Pretty please show us more of the kitchen!!

Erin Branscom

I read this other blog and she did the same thing. It looks great! :) I have corian too. Mine is brown and I am not sure how I feel about it. I guess I should be happy it is at least neutral! :)


Your beadboard backsplash looks great, Katie! Much improved, I think :) Keep going, girl! Keep going!


I remember when you started picking at the backslash and I wondered how long it would be! What a blessing to have an understanding hubby and talent with a saw and nailer! I sure could use your help in my kitchen! I have just painted drywall because I could not decide on a backsplash 5 years ago when we remodeled! My cabinets are cream with pewter glaze and my countertops are green granite with specks of ruby, black, cream, and gold. There is so very little wall in my kitchen at all - I seriously covered almost every square inch in storage! I love the sage paint, but a nicer backslash would be fun! Too bad you don't live closer - you could come and give me guidance! I WISH I had your wisdom about not choosing anything but neutral for permanent features back when we were remodeling ... ah well, live and learn! Like you said, this stuff we think is so important now is of no eternal value at all - what really lasts is what we do for God each day. Teaching our little ones to love Jesus - now that's worth everything!


What? You mean apples, blueberries and bananas don't lend themselves to a variety of decor ideas? I can't imagine!

Looks great! :o)

Kelly Jo

It looks so much better! I promise I never thought the fruit tiles lookes bad...I didn't really notice them until you pointed them out. I was actually nervouse for you when you started this project. But it is great! It looks fresh and clean. I think you and Mike both deserve a foot massage. Just come up here and Derrick will give you one :)


It looks fantastic Katie! :)


Katie--I LOVE the white beadboard! You can do so much with that when it comes to changing out the decor around it.

So, how was the foot massage? ;-)


The beadboard looks great & will fit right in with your style. Great choice!


I guess I'll be the only one to comment on your picture...ha! The speech bubble coming out of your hubby's mouth just about made me fall on the floor. Too funny...and nice touch adding a "z" to the word skillz....definitely shows that you mean biz-ness :)


Seriously, that is an AWESOME kitchen face lift! :) I love your idea of the beadboard backsplash! I wondered if you were going to put up white subway tiles ( I love subway tiles and I figured you would too)! But, the beadboard is such an awesome and creative choice! I'm so IMPRESSED! With your green counter is so cool that you can paint and repaint the beadboard as your kitchen changes! :) By the way, I love the color of paint! :) Makes me want to repaint something! :)

That was one fast project! So impressive to get it done that fast with two little ones!

I totally want to assure you that I know you are a grateful and thankful person! You just have STYLE and want to make your home reflect your taste and personality! :) I totally agree with you on wondering why anyone would ever make permanent surfaces in a home anything but neutral! :) I ask that every day about my house!!!

Okay, I LOVE your white pitcher holding the wooden spoons! Love it! :) What type plant is on your counter!?! I love it, too! I also love the cute little terra cotta planter! Did you happen to buy it at a chain big box store? I ask because I live a few states away and I'm hoping I can run out later today and get a little terra cotta planter just like it! It is super cute! :) I've been thinking I need to put some more plants inside my house! You motivated me!

Funny pics of your husband! :) Cracked me up! :)

Enjoy your beautiful kitchen face lift!

~ Ali


Oooh! I'm even more proud of you! Just connected that the title of the post means you hardly spent anything to get your awesome new backsplash! Even more IMPRESSIVE! :)

~ Ali


Wow Katie it looks amazing!!!!!! Beadboard is so timeless, what a great choice! I know what you mean about feeling limited with the decor choices in the kitchen. Right now we have pretty much the opposite kitchen of my dreams. :) But as you noted, it's important to be thankful for a functional kitchen that feeds our families! Thank you for that great reminder!

Michelle Felton

I've recently found your blog (I think through Darby's) and I LOVE you beautiful flowers. I've convinced my husband we need to plant some peonies and hydrangeas. I grew up in FL and we couldn't grow them there. We now live south of Atlanta (in Senoia). I'm excited to try growing them and then have pretty flowers throughout my house!
Anyways - about the beadboard as a backsplash. What adheasive did you use to glue it to the wall? Did you have to prep the beadboard before painting it? We have painted walls and have been discussing what to do for a better backsplash. I've seen the beadboard used on another blog and now yours. My husband liked what you did when I showed him your pics. Any advice would be much appreciated!
P.S. FYI - We have a Southern Living Idea House that just opened here in Senoia last weekend. It will be opened until Dec.12 and will be featured in their August magazine. Downtown Senoia has been revitalized in recent years and has many cute shops (including antique stores). Just thought I'd mention it to you since I know you live near Atlanta!

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