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June 16, 2010



Definitely a reason to celebrate for Y'ALL!!!! I'll be up in the land of NO Swoozie's soon. Thank goodness they still have sweet tea and smocked clothing all the way up there in Richmond or I would really be sad.

If you don't post some pics of those kids doing something cute or crazy or hilarious soon, I don't know what I'm gonna do....

Kelly Jo

No luck in Nashville. You can send me stuff :)


That's so great. I bought a ton from the one by us when I heard they were going out of business. I love all of your silver, I saw that you have a piece from the Madona Inn it's in California and a really neat place, you should look it up my husband and I stayed there once and their silver is engraved like the piece that you have I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it on your blog!

Charon Benton

WOW!!! I've never bought anything from there, but loved looking at it online, etc.!

Carrie Mizell

Dang it! I wish the Swoozies in Jacksonville was coming back. It is a fabulous store! Tear. Tear.


Well....bless my soul I feel like a celebrity - hahahaha! Girl, you coulda warned me about posting a picture...I woulda sent you one where I had at least washed my hair! ;0) Aren't you just pleased as punch that BOTH of the swoozies in ATL are opening back up? I live pretty much in the center of both of them so I have two to choose from - it's like Christmas morning all over again!


I am painting my fireplace as well and it is way more time comsuming than I ever imagined! Good luck!!!


Ahhh, another Libby! And a Libby with an i at that! Neat!

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