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June 03, 2010



Dearest Katie, I should like to extend my very best wishes for your birthday. I simply cannot imagine a better way to spend it, and my I say what a lovely image of Miss Penny you have.
I am pleased to learn that your darling little one is on the mend. Oh, how it concerns a momma. Finally, may I exclaim what a fine boy that is. That little chin of his means business.


So cute!! Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Have a great weekend!

Kelly Jo

Look at his hair! It is so pretty - I love it!!! I really want to borrow him for a bit. I really wish you could have heard the whole convo Amelia was giving me. She kept showing me where the spider was by saying "Here, Kiki. See? It was scary". I knew she must be feeling all better:)


Was about to email you for an Amelia report. Glad to hear she's back to normal.

Beautiful flowers. Beautiful kids. What more can you ask for??

Hope your birthday brings LOTS of GOOD TIMES.


I'm headed to a Garden Tour this weekend too! Love them! Wish I could say I am only 30 yrs old too. I'm 37:( but love my life:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HAPPY GARDENING!!


I don't know if you have time....but if you do I was wondering if you could give me the idiots guide to growing hydrangeas. (Me being the idiot) What do I need to know? Any tips?

Charon Benton

No she di'int!!!!! LOL that is TOO Funny!! and p.s. I knew we were kindred spirits! My 30th birthday is coming up in 11 days! The 14th is mine! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARLY!


I LOVE hydrangea's!!! They are my favorites!!! Thanks for sharing about the hydrangea festival. I've never heard of it. :0)

Love your blog. You have great ideas and your kids are too cute.

Heart Reflections Live

I Love blue Hydrangeas! My Nanna used to have them in a garden on both sides of her front steps. They are beautiful and so was she. They always bring me warm happy memories.

Carrie Mizell

That is tooooo funny, Katie! You need to tell Miss Feeling-All-Better-Amelia that it IS your birthday weekend and she needs to calm it down a bit ;) I love that you are doing something special on your 30th! That hydrangea festival looks amazing. Y'all have a great time!

I can't get over all the pretty hair Jack has. He is too cute hangin' out in the tub playing. I used to "trap" Allie Claire in the tub, up until the day I walked by and found that she had chowed down on half a bar of Dove soap. Tasty.


The festival sounds like so much fun! What a fun way to celebrate the big 3-0!

Holly Mathis

uh excuse me but does that alligator have on a JON JON?! lol! love it!


That looks like the perfect place to celebrate a birthday. If I lived closer I'd be going for sure. Thanks for providing the info so that maybe next year I can work it into my plans :).
I enjoyed your beautiful hydrangeas, darling little boy and delightful humor today. Have a wonderful birthday.


I'm telling you might have a future Miss Georgia on your hands. Such beauty, such personality!

And Mr. Jack Jack might have the yummiest hair color I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

And there you go having to make me drool over your garden lovelies again. Have fun a blast at the Hydrangea Festival!!!!


I love hydrangea too! When we were looking for a house, I knew that this was "the one" when I saw the hydrangea in the back yard! I just love the big round abundant flower heads and that blue is so pretty! Happy Birthday!


The hydrangea festival sounds just lovely! I hope you post photos. Happy 30th Birthday!

Pam Whitten

Love your blog. So how do you get baby hydrangeas???


I used to live in Douglasville...I recognize Suzanne Hudson's Graden I believe...her work/home and shop - (Le Jardin Blanc) is amazing!...Wish they had done this while I still lived there...looks like a wonderful weekend of events!


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