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June 02, 2010



Poor, poor AK. I'll take a rambunctious youngin any day over a sick one, but I definitely know what you mean about the benefit of some snuggle time. Just said a prayer that you stored up some love time and that AK is all better in a hurry.


I am loving that lattice style hedging (it's not hedging but I don't know what else to call it). When you figure out how to get it to look like that, let me know and I'll call for step by step instructions:)

Poor sick Amelia Kate! Elizabeth and I will pray for her tonight and for you, sweet mama.


So sorry your sweet girl is sick :( sick babies are the WORST (but not near as bad as sick Daddies - ha!) Sounds like your Jack could make quite a pair with my Libbi. She is all about that open mouth kiss....we've been known to yell, "getta room" when she starts in on givin' sugars to her baby doll ;) Sending prayers for a quick recovery for Amelia Kate and for the rest of the fam to stay healthy!

Erin Branscom

I hope your Amelia Kate gets better soon! :(


So sorry sweet AK isn't feeling up to par. Praying now she'll be back to herself soon. Don'tcha just love that sweet one on one time with each baby.. I sure do!

Kelly Jo

I am willing to bet she will be rowdy today. I don't think much can hold her down! If not, you can send Jack Jack to me so that you can spend 100% of your time loving on her. Don't worry about Jack, he can play with the dogs and chew on sticks. HAHA!

Charon Benton

Poor baby....I hope she feels better soon! It's hard work for Momma when a baby is sick!!


That would be awesome to grow a similar pattern on your fence to add some depth! Don't you just love Southern Living for inspiration!?! :) I've never heard of confederate jasmine but, I think it has a sweet dainty white bloom! I'm a sucker for any type of white flowers! I think you should go for it and try to train it to grow in a pattern! I wonder how hard that would be to do!?!

Hope your sweet girl feels better very soon! Ava Grace got sick with a high fever over Memorial Day! It stinks to have sick kids! Hope the rest of you stay healthy!

~ Ali


Oh God Bless you sweet Amelia, get better soon! It's hard for me to imagine her sitting still for very long. But how precious that it has given you a chance to love on her. And wow, your Daddy sounds like a wonderful man too!!! I bet he has to be after raising two wonderful young ladies.

Beautiful pictures of the Jasmine! I have a secret...Jasmine is one of my top 3 baby names if we have another girl. :) Shhhhh, don't tell anyone!


Dear Katie, my love for Confederate Jasmine runs strong and true. Each year I mark the calendar on the day I see my first bloom. I do this for only a few, very special flowers. Thank you for the lovely images. I will keep your little one in my prayers.

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