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May 06, 2010


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Yeah!!! I was wondering when they would arrive! You always have such beautiful hydrangeas. I have plant envy!!


Beautiful bloom! Another flowering plant on my wish lists! :) I'd better start researching and planting!

~ Ali


Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog! It's fun to be southern! I loved your post on peonies! What beautiful pictures! I'd love to see more of your home...especially your kids rooms! I've enjoyed looking back in your archives at your decorating projects! Thanks for sharing!


It's lovely! Yay for summer. How strange that my hydrangea have been out for a while but I'm still waiting for the peonies to bloom:) After your post the other day, I'm starting to lose patience. Those peonies you have are gorgeous.


No way! My hydrangeas aren't even close to blooming yet. I totally have hydrangea-bloom-envy right now. :-)


I'm so in love with the hydrangeas! I just wish I had a thumb half as green as yours! I'd love to see more of your house also, you seem sooo organized,especially with two kiddos!!

The monogrammed mrs.

Yayyy!!! Do you have green kermit poms in your yard too? They are some of my favorites in the back of the photo. I can't wait for our hydrangea to come out.


Katie, what a lovely, lovely periwinkle shade.


Lucky you....... I have to wait quite a bit longer to see mine bloom. Still waiting for my peonies to pop. Enjoy your flowers and thanks for sharing them with us!


Kermit poms??!?! Is that what those are?? Too cute...the flower and the name. I found a bundle at the store on the 99 cent rack. Safe to say Im on the hunt for a new plant! ;o)


Can I hire you as my gardener? And floral designer too? Gorgeous!


Well, if that first one is any indication, it is going to be a good crop. I love me some hydrangeas.


Katie - why oh why aren't we neighbors? I've been asking God. You are the sweetest! I think you have beautiful babies too:) Kids make life wonderful. I wouldn't trade motherhood for anything. Happy Mothers Day friend!

Kelly Jo

Pretty! Mine look nothing like that. You need to haul it up here and give mine some loving because I am doing something very wrong to mine. It's a shame :(

Kerry Rossow

Me likey! Hydrangeas are so cheery!
Kerry at

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