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May 08, 2010



This is just getting outta hand. I had to google brine just to see what it meant.

Erin Branscom

Beautiful flowers! I am going to have to make some of that chicken! :)


Brining is amazing. I bet that chicken was the best thing ever...well except the whipped cream might have been better. There is nothing like home whipped cream.

That petunia is GORGEOUS!!! Jack and Amelia Kate did very well this year:)


Thanks for the recipe link! I can't wait to try! It looks so yummy! I totally agree about homemade whipping cream! Homemade is the BEST and so easy to do! Love the petunia's what a great view from your window! Happy Mother's Day!

~ Ali


Happy Mother's Day! That petunia is beautiful! I found something at an antique store this weekend that I would like to send you. :) can you email me your address? It's not much but I think you should have it. :)

Kelly Jo

Ok...I thought you were making the sauce to dip with but that chicken looks glazed up and yummy. I really don't need to be reading this at this time of night. Poor Derrick will be sent to Kroger in a mad dash for chicken. Ans salt so I can brine. I have already had my fair share of whipped cream today, but add that to the list, too!


Oh why must you make me drool with these posts all the time! I am sooooooooo excited about using our grill this summer! That chicken looks amazing!

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