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May 01, 2010



Only you could throw in a history lesson in the DQ drive thru. You are nicer than me. We also made a trip, but told the kids we were getting the treats for later. The "later" ended up being right after we got them to bed!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life

Haha! Those are my favorite DQ treats. :)


Last night I posted that it was the first Derby that I was not homesick. It only took 15 years!!! I love the pictures, especially the Barbie! I'll take her bod and dress :o)! Take care Miss Katie!


Thank you for reminding me that I must go to Dairy Queen today. I know I'm late for the Brown Derby though. Do they still serve it the week after???!!!

I wish there were more reasons to wear hats like that. Like for example, every first and third Tuesdays.

Oh and I was so confused when I got a comment from "Mike" this morning that sounded so much more like my friend Katie. :)

I would be honored to create a Love Story Print for you. And yes I could have it to you before the 24th if you have all the information you want included. I would loooooove to read how you two sweethearts got together!

Also - I just realized that I totally left you hanging with those window treatments. GOOD-NESS! You must think I am nuts. I am soooooooooo sorry about that. We ultimately decided to just go with some classic white panels in both rooms until we can decide how we want to decorate the rest of the room and what our budget is. At least for now, I know white will look beautiful, simple and classic. In the meantime I will keep daydreaming about those perfect fabrics. ;)
Thanks again for being so wonderful and willing to help a girl out! You are the best!

Girls like that get discounts at Mod Memento. wink, wink


The brown derby. DQ's just doesn't look as good as the ones from the Frosty Freeze! But a Frosty Freeze brown derby usually follows baby burgers (or foot long hotdogs if you are Kelly Jo) and RCs.


I just licked the computer screen.


Amen -Amen, Brooke! Aint NOTHING beatin Frosty Freeze.

Kelly Jo

Haha! I just read Brooke's comment. I love how she made sure to put an "s" on footlong and make it plural. She has seen me put a too few many of those away! That brown derby looks very tasty and I am sure it was much more enjoyable than going mudding at the Derby this year. At least that is what I am telling myself...maybe next year you can come up and we can get Amelia and Baby Girl their first Derby hats!

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