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April 07, 2010



What precious babies! I just love those chubby little legs on Jack - love 'em! I will be so sad the day my baby girl outgrows all of her rolls and rolls and rolls! The pics at the end of your babies in the car are just adorable!


Bathing suit advice....... Lands End!! Love them!


Super cute kiddos!
You do a great job keeping them busy!

Mallory Thompson

Your kids pictures crack me up! HAHA! And I love how Amelia's barbies are always naked! haha


Fun day! Your kiddos are just adorable!

I love the fact that your baby boy grazes on the clover! Hehe!

My girls have always stripped their Barbies, dolls, etc. down first thing after they open them! Never understood why?!


Oh, my, those are some heavenly faces!


What a fun day--- except all that talk about buying a bathing suit. YUCK. I'd rather...well, I dont know, but I'd rather do A LOT other than buy a bathing suit!!! Ha...Amelia and those neeked barbie dolls is too much. Hilarious. And Jack with those rolls on his legs and red hair?!?!? Well, it just about does me in. They are pure sweetness. Come to Florida for a playdate!!! :)


Cuuute pics! I always enjoy your posts!


Oh, and for the record, my daughter's barbies are always naked too!

Kelly Jo

Haha! This is a good one - I love Jack doing his model pose and eating grass. I can tell by the looks of those legs he was mighty hungry, almost starved to death. And those little boys better be careful making fun of the girl with the nekkid barbies, no tellin what she will do to them. I am imagining a swift swat to the head with the so called nekkid barbie. They do have tons of energy! Reading all that made me need a nap. You better invest in some Red Bull.


Awww...I loved this post!!! Those kiddos of yours are just toooo cute! :)


I just love little Jack's bare naked feet! Those are some cute little piggies! And AK's love for nekid barbies! Too funny! Looks like a great day!


Have you ever gotten the bubble oodles from Gymboree? OH MY GOSH!! They are the best bubbles ever. And make sure you get the bubble blower too. It makes a million little bubbles. And they last forever!


Your babies are beautiful! Somehow when you're a mommy of small children, the bikinis aren't appropriate anymore. Especially if you're modest, like you seem to be (me too). Here's what I do: I get those bottoms that look like tennis skirts. There is nothing old ladyish about them. They are form fitting, but still cover. Then I get the tankini top. You can usually find mix and match sets like this. Wal Mart even has them! You still feel cute and young, but you don't have on a bikini showing what you don't need to be showing...know what I mean?


Katie, those babies of yours are too cute! I love all the big pretty eyes and rolly little thighs. I just wish we lived closer to y'all. We could have some mean play dates. To date, Allie only has one nekkid Barbie, but I'm sure she'd like to see 'bout Amelia's Barbies.

meghan gottfredson

Your family is too cute. I love reading about the fun things you guys do together!Can't think of anything worse than shopping for a swimsuit! Good luck! :)


Oh I just can't get over Jacks thighs and toes. I love it that he goes barefoot. LOVE IT! Isn't beautiful weather a treat?

I second the Lands End bathing suit comment although I also like Talbots (online) and Marshalls (they have some really cute suits).

Have a great evening with those sweet little ones.


Lands End...hands down!


I adore Jack's chunky little legs! Sooo precious!

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