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April 16, 2010


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Your painted bricks look great! I am trying to get my hubby to do a patio with a concrete mold that looks like stones. We did a trial in the back yard to put a bench on and it turned out cute and we learned some things we won't do on a larger space.

meghan gottfredson

Wow! I love the painted bricks. I've never seen this technique before. It looks fantastic!

Carrie Mizell

I cannot believe you painted your "brick patio." Please jet down to Florida, amidst all that you have to do, and help me with my home remodel project!!!! Hard to believe Baby Jack is going to be 1. Wow! Have fun party planning.

Leigh Evans

Girl, I just love, love, love your style!! I wish I could hire you to come "junkin" with me and teach me what to look for! I have no idea what to get, I just know I want it to look like Harrington House stuff!! If we ever get our house sold and get to build our new one, I am seriously going to beg you for advice!! :) And I am excited to see about the birthday parties! I hope they are a blast!! Happy birthday to them! :)


No way! I just love your painted "bricks!" Amazing! That is going on my list. That is one ingenius idea! Thank you for sharing!


ok, I'm slap worn out from reading all you have to do.

LOVE the "bricks." I had to enlarge all those pictures, and still couldn't tell it was paint. Also love windows all along the back of the house. You know lots of light is good for the soul.

I know you've got a lot on your plate, but don't be pulling a "fast one," and taking forever to post these bday pictures. I can hardly wait to see what fabulous things you come up with.


Love the painted "bricks". Please do share how you did it. It looks so real.

Lyndsay Ayers

Please share how you did the painted bricks, I love it! Happy Birthday Jack! I am planning my son's 1st bday party for the end of May! Such fun!


I would have never known that they weren't real bricks, if I hadn't read it!


PLEASE, PLEASE post lots of pix of the babies' parties. Mine are now 6&7, and birthday parties have always been my THING. I start planning the next one as soon as one is over. LOVE IT! Have fun!


Did I just read that right~you "painted" those bricks on there? That is amazing! It looks great! I love your new table and chairs too! It's going to look so nice back there!


Wow, you're brick painting looks awesome! I don't think I had ever noticed in your photos that it is painted and not actual brick! How do you paint it? What is your process? What paint do you use? You should do a tutorial.

Kelly Jo

I obviously love the brick patio. You should hurry up and finish yours and then swing up to KY and finish the ones I have started in the basement. I actually told Derrick earlier today that I would like to try to get ours done this weekend since we are getting rain. So sad that we live so far away - it would go quicker if we could do it together!


Love the patio!! You must do a how to!!! Happy Birthday to your cuties!! Have a great weekend!


Wow! In your past posts I always admired your patio.I never thought for one second it was painted.It looks fantastic.Well done!

Pam Whitten

OMG how did you paint the brick on your patio? I have seen it where they stamp it while its being poured but not painted. I would love more details.You can email me. By the way you kids are beautiful and so cute. Love your blog.

thanks pam


I was also wondering how you did that! Just lovely Miss Katie! How was the party? I cannot believe Jack Jack is a year. That just seems impossible! We need to get together sometime for lunch! Take care girlie.


Happy Birthdays to the pretty babies! Give those babies some kisses and hugs! Love your patio girl! Hope you have an awesome week! Erin


Wow! I'm impressed with the patio! How on earth did you do it so realistically? I'm stunned. Do share!


I totally love your brick patio! I'm so impressed! You are one creative woman! Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top explain step by step how to do this! I have been considering painting our front porch a boring gray but, now I think I should consider painting bricks instead!

Happy Birthday to your sweet kids! Have fun celebrating them and take lots of pics to share the birthday fun with us later!

So wish I lived near you so I could go "junk'n" with you! I love you style!

~ Ali (from a few states over)


By the way, my younger two (kids) are the same age as yours! I can't figure out how you get all these projects done with babies that age! I must be seriously wasting time around here! I need some time management and creativity classes from you! Haha! :)

~ Ali (from a few states over)


Wow! also wondering about how you did the brick patio? Love the new furniture too!


I have looked as closely as I can at that patio and I am in AWE, complete and total awe that you painted those! Holy Moly that is amazing! I would have never known!

And I completely forgot that your little ones have birthdays so close together! I can't wait to see what fun plans you have in store. How can Jack possibly be 1? I'm certain that my brain cannot comprehend it. I clearly remember that it was just yesterday that you were sportin your cute pregnant belly and telling us that you just bought a double stroller and a new Vera diaper bag. I'm gonna check the calendar....................

Yep. It was yesterday.

Have fun party plannin this week!

irene greenberg

any way you'd share the technique for the brick? just love it!

stained concrete

What a great brick patio! Your house work is impressive.

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