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April 24, 2010


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So glad to get a report from the day, and see what she was wearing. Gotta love some B. Moore! Can't believe you went by yourself AND that you got recognized! You little cute celebrity, you! :-)

Can't wait to hear more, but not until you go enjoy some family time tomorrow!

Careyfrom ALberta

I also love Beth Moore, and wish I could of gone to see the broadcast, but my children had their parties today. I think i will get the book though:) as it sounds wonderful!~


I have been reading the book, and am giving it to my sister as soon as I finish. I LOVE Beth. She is SOOOO REAL. How BRAVE of you to go alone. How were the BDay parties?!


I was there today also(but in Ohio). Praying that we (the 300,000+ women) will be convicted to follow God and be that "one" woman who makes a stand for God.


I wasn't able to go which is a shame since it is SO close, but I'm so glad you had a great time!

Phillips Phamily Mama

Can't wait hear your notes! I just started reading my copy on vacation a few weeks ago, and I'm right there with ya! So glad you were blessed with good folks to sit with.

I used to live in Woodstock, so that line of traffic is VERY familiar. :)


Isn't God amazing?


Can't wait to read more about your time with Beth! I had planned to go, but had my nephew's 1st birthday party to attend. Have a great week and may God bless you!


Katie - I wish sooooooooooo badly I could have gone with you and sat beside you during such a life changing event! I will never forget the BM conference I went to in 2007. Life changing for sure! Can't' wait to hear more about what God revealed to you this weekend. I know Satan was hard at work trying to keep you down. Can you imagine the attacks that Beth herself must feel right before her conferences???

Sending you love and hugs and anxiously awaiting to hear more!!!

You are famous by the way! You got recognized in a sea of thousands! :)


I will have to get that book and read it. I have heard so many good things about it. I did a Beth Moore bible study several years ago and it was pretty intense for me (although that could have been because I had a newborn at the time). Love your blog!


Hi Katie! It was definately a God thing because as Brooke can testify I would "NEVER" have been brave enough to confront a stranger and admit to her I had been lurking on her blog. I was way to INSECURE for that. I'm so glad He gave me that courage. You were a blessing to us. I think we spoke about you as much as we did Beth Moore on our road trip home.It was an awesome event. I still get chills thinking about the praise music. God gave us a taste of what it will be like in ouur heavenly home. We're seriously talking about creating a blog now!lol Oh by the way you spelled my name exactly right! Have a blessed week.


I wanted so badly to go to this!!! But, since we'd just went to the event last weekend, we couldnt do both... :( If I had gone, I would have totally made a plan to meet up with you! :) So proud of you for not giving in to the enemy and 'staying home'! And what a sweet gift from God for those sweet ladies to recognize you and invite you to sit with them! Hope the rest of your weekend was just as great! :)


So glad to hear that you felt the Holy Spirit this weekend while at Beth Moore. I know just what you mean about the Spirit filling the church as voices are raised in praise to the Lord. It's a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Annie and I were wanting to come to the So Long Insecurity event in Georgia. Recognizing that we are ALL insecure in some way, shape, or form. YOU are not alone, ma'am.

Kelly Jo

I have to get this book - I may run over to and grab it today. I am really proud of you for going by yourself! I never do stuff like that. I feel like everywhere I go I need to travel in a pack. Just think...if you can eat at Applebee's by yourself you can go see Beth Moore by yourself. And you are more alone at Applebee's than you are at Beth Moore. Very proud of you :)


I've been reading the book and love what I've read so far! She's great! I'm glad to hear the experience was wonderful and that you met some people to sit with. Good for you for going by yourself! And I'm sure Mike had a great day with the babies as well!!

Amy Walker

It was a great day, wasn't it? When everyone was singing, it really sounded like angels! I live just south of Atlanta and was so glad I was close enough to go.


That's Melissa's face in the lower left-hand corner of the picture of Beth, isn't it? How did you get that shot?

I was at a host site in Long Beach, California. It was so cool to think of women all across the country singing praises to God and listening to Beth. : )


So excited for you to have the opportunity to see and hear and experience the amazing Beth Moore!!!!

I want to attend one of her events so badly! I know it would be like open heart surgery...but in a good way!!!

I am adding you to the blog roll for bloggers who are attending the event!

By faith..I am believing you will be able to be there and I would personally love the chance to meet you in person!!

Big Hug,



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