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March 03, 2010


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sandy toe

it always does...

sandy toe

Kelly Jo

Haha! Mike is hilarious! You have been itching to get after that scab for some time.

Careyfrom ALberta

that is totally something i would do....the picky picker mommy:)

Heart Reflections Live

I can't pick at any scabs in our home as we rent HA!

I know we're your at with the kitchen, we have a conservative 1970s kitchen in yellow, olive green and white, and while it's not my dream kitchen, it actually blends in well with our vintage items!

Someone said once that the food tastes the same whether you are cooking on beautiful granite or old laminex benches. I'm grateful for the laminex at the moment!


hmmmm... wondering how this "crack" started and also wondering if there's any way I could get one of my own started... Ha... Nah, my honey would probably say, "Well, we'll patch it and live with it" and then I'd be stuck with a big crack in my white and harvest gold kitchen tile countertops and backsplash...(YUCK). :) Cant wait to see what you're up to! And as far as kitchens not being "your taste", you should see mine! :) I have Harvest Gold appliances. (Well, just our double wall oven is the original) and our fridge and dishwasher are stainless steel. Now you KNOW THAT looks good together! HA!!!! :) Either way, I'm with you, "thankful for the kitchen I have and that we have food in it"--but I also think there's some SMALL things I could do to love it more! :)


I have no idea what the rest of your kitchen looks like but I had similar white tile and we made the backsplash beadboard. I have a feelin' you like beadboard.


Oh girl! I remember in our old house I took a shelf down in the kitchen when Ed was at home (Ed: "Kelly, don't touch ANYTHING when I'm not home, okay?" Me: "Sure thing!"). The shelf came down...and so did part of the wall. Holy holes, Batman! We put another shelf over it. We were not fix-it-up savvy and the house was 120 years old.

Now I run around like a maniac with spackle if someone so much as dents a wall in the new construction home. I still want a pink toolbelt. :o)

LOL @ pick it like a scab! I wouldn't be able to resist!!


do I need to come down and put a bandaid on it? :-)


Looks to me like someone needs a TOTAL kitchen remodel!!! (:


Oh Katie - I feel your pain! Our total kitchen remodel began with a teeny tiny miscalculation ... I thought that I could put my big old heavy stock pot in the corner cupboard in our 'new' old house, but after peeling 26 layers of contact paper off those shelves, I guess they could no longer keep themselves together and my stock pot went through the cabinet base, through the rotten floor and down into the crawl space! We had some serious work, quite ahead of our planned and calculated remodel schedule, but now I love my kitchen! While we were in the middle of our remodel I took to 'picking' a bit of drywall after the workers left for the day, and I discovered that under the 70's paneling was drywall, and under the drywall was 1950's plaster, and under the plaster was 1094's pine paneling ... and we gained a whole 8" of floor space just by a wee bit of creative 'investigation'! It was pretty funny to see the workers come in the next day to my 'picking'!

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