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March 12, 2010



Fun!! I started Kate (my daughter) a collection of the Nancy Drew's a few years ago, and I think I read them more than she does. Now if I can get her interested in some Sweet Valley High books, we will have it made!

Have fun at your mommas. I'm dying to see what you are gonna do with those beds.

Erin Branscom

I love Nancy Drew books!! Your babies are so precious! Have fun in Kentucky visiting your family! :)


LOVE the beds. Boss has a similar set, and while I am NOT wishing away time, I can't wait to get those beds put up in his big boy room one day!

Glad to know I am not the only one who has prayed for twins. Since I'm done now, I'll shift those prayers on over to you! :-)

I laughed at your magazine story. My mama is the SAME way.

You are right about that church; it is absolutely gorgeous.

Glad y'all are having such a good time. Love all the pictures.


Babies! Books! Beds! I love it all!


I have got that same bunny-duck for my little one for Easter! She loves the ducks bc they are perfect chew toys. Also, I'm a magazine junky too. I feel bad throwing them out bc I might need an idea out of them sometime so I hord them all in baskets all over the house! I, too, did a consignment sale this morning! Good, good finds!


I am the same way about mags! I can remember a layout from years ago. and I too have baskets full everywhere. I love them!

Loving the twin bed frames. Good job. very nice.


I keep my magazines too!!! My husband thinks its nuts!! Boys, they don't understand!!

Heart Reflections Live

Keep praying for those twins!!

When my hubby and I got married, we prayed for 4 children- 2 of each. We were late starters both in our thirties. Twins do NOT run in our family on either side.

Anyway, during my first pregnancy, I found out that my uterus was riddled with massive fibroid growths, which caused much pain and many problems, but we were blessed with a gorgeous girl 8 years ago by C-Section. After much prayer, a year later, I went under the knife and had them all removed. I was told I could never have a mutlple pregnancy as I would rupture. Less than a year, I gave birth naturally (she didn't wait for her C-Section date )to another beautiful girl, lost 3/4 of my body's blood and woke up on life support.

Hubby and I discussed many times whether we should try again, and I plucked up the courage at the age of 40. The hospital would only allow me one more cut.

God granted us the twins the doctors said I could never carry, and NOBODY thought I'd ever have!! God is good!

Kelly Jo

I love the beds! Where are you going to put them? I can't wait to see!!! And of course the babies look sweet in the tub :)


I love Claire's comment! What a great story and another sweet reminder that God doesn't work by "statistics!"

Twins run in my family and my hubby's family too. However, when they didn't arrive after baby #3, I quit praying for them! My cousin and I always joke that one of us girls would have a set, but it hasn't happened yet and I think we're both done.

I love those twin beds. What a great find. And I love those two sweeties having fun in the bath! What fun times! Enjoy them. They grow up so fast.



Love the beds! I need them desperately. I've been looking for matching twin antique iron beds and I've failed. I didn't want to buy new but it is looking like that is my option. Unless you run up on some in GA....I could definitely come and get them!!!

Yes, it is time for another baby!!! :) You just have such precious little ones.

Love all the bath pics!

Carrie Mizell

I love those maple twin beds! Wow, they are beautiful. Twin babies, really?! Glad to see you have gotten in a little shopping while visiting your family;) You know that is always a chief concern of mine--ha ha

Katie Nelson

Hi Katie, another Katie here! I think you have the cutest family and I love finding such treasures when I shop! Those beds are fantastic!


Okay, is Mike against making advanced matches for his children? LOL! I'd like to ask for Jack's hand in marriage for Libby. HAHA! He is just scrumptious! And your Amelia Kate...I hope Mike has a shotgun and a chair all ready for sitting out on the porch when she's older. :o) Darling! Darling children!

I'm the same way with magazines. I have stacks of them in the closet. I want to frame so many covers becuase they're just so beautiful, but then I wonder if that's tasteless? I don't care. I'd love to look at them! Nothing perks me up like a sunny, pretty mag cover! For now I just cower in the closet and rummage through 'em. :o)

That church is capital G gorgeous. Your cousin's wedding will be amazing! My sister gets married on Saturday and I can't believe that the day is already here! Grace is getting her nails done at the salon on Friday with all of us gals, so it'll be super fun. I can't wait!

P.S. Katie, for real, thank you for your friendship and your too sweet comments all the time at my blog. I am so blessed to know you and feel like you're a girlfriend who lives right down the street! One day I'll make my way down to Atlanta with Ed on one of us his business trips and we'll paint the town pink! :o)


I have always loved rooms with two twin beds! I think you need twins for sure!:)

I don't care if those two were covered from head to toe in dirt...they still are as cute as they can be!


Oh geez, just ONE more reason why we would be such good friends if we lived near each other! I AM OBSESSED WITH READING MAGAZINES OVER AND OVER!!!! I have stacks as well that I usually look at once or twice a year. Sometimes it's like they're all new to me! I put post-it notes on the pages that I like best. :)

Katie - why don't we live in the same city????

Love - Love - Love those beds!!!!!! I'm on the edge of my seat wanting to see what you do with those!!

Oh and I just went to a huge consignment sale this past weekend and scored the motherload of fun girly summer clothes! Consignment sales are my fav way to spend a saturday morning!

And those bath photos are the best! Priceless!!!! I can't get over how much they look alike.


LOL What a great pastime! I love reading through home magazines to get inspiration. I think it is a womans things : )

I'm new to blogging so would love it if you guys took a look at my blog :D.

Gemma X


So cute! Love your posts! My parents got married in the chocolate church in Ashland. :))) That is considered "home," although we are in the Atlanta area, too. Y'all are te cutest family! Kristen

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