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February 25, 2010


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For a second I thought you might be "announcing" something!!! :)
So glad your ER visit turned up to be nothing- what a scare. (I couldnt help but laugh though at your recount of the whole thing...)


D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S... that's all I have to say. Everything is so little and pretty, it almost makes me think of having another. Almost:)


Beautiful and so sweet and serene too. :) Any chance of knowing where some of your choices come from?

pink preppy party girl

I love everything! Perfect for a baby girl

Carrie Mizell

Ummmm...heaven on earth, ma'am. I love it all!!!

Screaming Meme

I love when you play...Beautiful! Congrats to your friend! At first I thought you were expecting again! :)


I also thought that you might be expecting! Love every bit of it!


I would have 50 babies just so I could decorate nurseries! So much fun!! I actually re did my daughters before we got her from China twice!!! Shame on me!


That's so beautiful! I love the topiary! I'd let you come and play for real in my house any day if I were expecting again. :o) Hands-down, you have the best style, Katie!


Katie, I have found something you would just LOVE!!! A lady in my district's daughter just had a baby and the nursery is..............A-MAZING!! Check out [email protected]
It's right up your alley!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Such pretty ideas for a girl's nursery! I think that chandelier is the one I have in my dining room. Is it from Ballard's? It's similar to mine, anyway, and I love it. I'm also loving that headboard.


Beautiful. What an eye you have! One more girl...that would be beautiful, too!

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