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February 04, 2010



What a wonderful post! I just want to "snuggle wuggle" (as we say around our house) your little Jack Jack!


How sweet! Jack Jack weighs almost as Amelia Kate! Wow! Thank you for updating us on the sweeties!


Beautifully said Katie!


Hi! Can't remember if I've ever commented before or not? But I've been reading your blog for awhile and love it! :)
I couldn't agree with you more about raising our children for another world. It's extremely overwhelming but very encouraging to know that we're not in it alone! Great job raising your babes for the Lord!! :)

Maria Hanson

Could your kids be any cuter? Seriously. Amelia Kate is just beautiful. I wonder where she got her love of sweet tea? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? And of course Jack is darling. Pete nursed for 15 months (and would still be nursing if I would let him:) Boys love their momma's.

The end of your post nearly made me weep. I love that you pray hardcore for your kids. I pray daily for my children, their spouses, their future teachers, friends, choices...everything. I so badly want above all else, Godly children. Whew.

Have a wonderful evening:) xo

Leigh Evans

So cute!! I love reading your blog and reminiscing!! My kiddos, Emma and Aiden, are 23 months apart and are now 5 and 3, respectively. It just brings back such great memories even though it wasn't too long ago. And they seem to have the same personalities too. Definitely Daddy's girl and Momma's boy and Emma is just the right mixture of princess and mudpie maker too. We are working on Aiden's mixture. He enjoys playing with Emma's princess stuff a little too much for Daddy's comfort! We'll get there though. He has been throwing his Spiderman at Emma's Barbies lately so maybe that is a good sign! ;) And one last thing... I can't remember if I commented about this before, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your neiman marcus bars. OMGosh!! That was my birthday cake request!! :) YUM-O!!!


What a sweet post. Those are some lucky children to have such a great momma!

Red Felted Heart

Your are to be commended for taking a stand for your principals,beliefs and desire for your children to follow suit...They have so much to be thankful for! Very cute too!


This post totally made me cry! What a great Momma! I am a new reader, and LOVE your blog!


This post was so sweet! And this is not to say that your son isn't cute, but that picture of your daughter is STUNNING!

Lindsay Markert

so sweet!!


What a beautiful post! Your children are absolutely adorable and just by looking at the pictures you post and how you talk about them, full of personality!

I have a feeling Anna Claire is going to be a Daddy's girl as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!


What a great thing to do...writing out all their current "stats". I have found that I always tell myself that I will remember all that stuff when they get older but then realize I have already forgotten some things! I am loving that Jack Jack wears the same size diapers as my AF! :) And GO AMELIA...potty trained yayyyy!!!

I absolutely loved what you wrote about training your children to know that they are not of this world. It's so true and it's something that God has been impressing on my heart (at age 30)! I've been really aware lately that this is not my true home and that certain discomforts or challenges are to remind us that we need our Heavenly Father and that someday we'll be with him in our real home.

God Bless Amelia and Jack!!!!!

Kelly Jo

Good post! This aunt thinks they are the blackest, also. But you forgot to put that Amelia can sing just like Ariel. HAHA! And that Jack can magically make a sticker disappear for a day and then it shows back up. BWAAHHAAAHHAAA!!! Besides those two little details, its perfect.


What a great post.


My youngest is Jack as well. Love the name. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on raising your children to follow God's laws. One of my greatest prayers in life is that I show my children the blessings of following God and fearing Him. I know I fail so many times and it's so encouraging to hear/read of others endevouring to teach their children the same things. Thank you again!


I found your blog....somehow, and love it! I live outside of atl as well and can so relate to all of your "southern-isms" =)
your kiddos are beautiful and this post just touched my heart. my libbi jane is not much younger than your jack (she will be 8 months next week) and this just warmed my heart to know that there are other mothers out there that want to raise their babies for the Lord. God Bless you and those sweet sweet babies!


just found your blog the other day - can't even remember how i found it - oh yes the Nester (your faux-bricks!) just wanted to say that i am blessed to read your posts and really grateful for the way your heart is focused on the Lord. thank you for reminding me that we raise our children for another world, not this one. good perspective. i am a stay at home mama to four. i will have two in school this coming fall (1st and 1/2 day kindergarten) and two at home (almost 4 and almost 2). it will be a special time with my boys. blessings to you this day!


I happened onto your blog by looking up the crow saying. My grandmother used to say it. I have to tell you, your children are really beautiful. Just a comment from a momma/grandma. 7 kids and 14 grandkids.

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