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January 26, 2010


Carrie Mizell

Stop it, Katie! Your momma would wait for y'all in the tree out front of your house?! Lordy mercy, I know you were shamed. That bunny hole story is some kind of funny!!!

Us Mommas do what we gotta do to keep those babies happy!!
Love your blog!

Lindsay Markert

Love it!!! I embarrass myself all the time. They'll think we're cool one day...far in the future!!!


Too Cute! I have gotten stuck in Braelyn's tunnel and her Daddy was right there to laugh at me. It is all in the name of fun, right? Love your blog and your babies are adorable.

Maria Hanson

You are hilarious! I bet Amelia Kate is never bored with a fun mom like you. Praise God for playtime with our babies:)

rebecca d

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. When I think of all the ways I embarrass the girlies... it's one of the great joys of parenthood.


Oh, that's funny! I got wedged in a toddler tunnel in grad school when I was baby sitting a friend's child. I felt like Pooh when he ate to much and got stuck at Rabbit's!


O' my I am laughing so hard.
No kids yet but I did have to "free" my niece from one of those play lands at McD's She was scared to come down and was stuck at the top. It was not the day to have worn a dress. I have learned my lesson and I am sure those poor people are still having nightmares.


I love your playfulness Katie!
I bet your kids love it too! :)


That is the funniest story! I needed that laugh! thanks for sharing.


I passed on the “Happy 101” award to you today! Feel free to “accept” if it’s not too corny to you! :)

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