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January 11, 2010



I love the little matching swimsuits! Can't wait for that weather too!


I am dreaming right along with you as I sit in my turtleneck and 5 pairs of socks on my feet to keep warm!

Can't wait to see Jack in those cute shorts and Amelia in her adorable summer dresses!

I also can't wait to see what you come up with from your little trip!


Good to know that I'm not the only person dreaming of warmer days. My husband called last night (from Alabama) and said he has been looking into vacations spots...WARM vacation spots.

Thank you for leaving me a comment. One of my close friends from college was from Ashland and sooo many people I graduated with went to Western. Of course, I'm more than a little older than you, so I'm sure you wouldn't know any of them :) It's really nice to meet another KY girl out here in the blogosphere!


Amen! You need to bring those babies to Florida and visit us this summer! We could so make it a beach trip! Loving the matching bathing suits (:


Girl, I am right there with you! I heard on the news tonight that this is the first time EVER that it's been recorded as 10 days in a row this cold! Crazyness!

I went through my boys matching jon jons and plaid shorts last week just a dreamin'...

you seriously own all those flip flops, by the way??? I've got two of those colors and they are my favorite!


No way, Rebeccah! I WISH they were all mine!


Katie! I love your blog today--I am thinking the same thing about the warm weather! It started snowing yesterday and I couldn't believe it--I was like where is this snow coming from?! Tomorrow it's going to get warm--up to 35 degrees haha! I loved seeing the babies clothes though--they are sure to be the sweetest things around! :)

Heart Reflections Live

It's so funny! We are (or would be if not for our aircon)SWELTERING here in Australia-Some places down south are having extreme heatwaves- I've been enjoying all your snow pictures, over Christmas and New Years.
The closest we get to a white Christmas over here is Bing Crosby, The aircon turned to cold, and the lovely pictures on our Christmas cards, now tucked away.

Loved the snowy footprint-stay warm


The shorts are masculinely spectacular, Katie!! I love checking in with you guys, even when I'm stuck underneath of Christmas toys and not able to come out and blog as frequently, LOL. Thanks for your hello over at the blog! I've missed ya!

P.S. Seersucker, be still my heart. I crave summer!


Me too Katie! LOVE the shorts in the basket -great way to photog them! I might have to do that to preserve the memories of my lil guys plaids!


Erin Branscom

That footprint is just precious! :) I can't wait for summer either!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Yesterday was lovely wasn't it! I tried to do a little gardening but the ground was still frozen solid in most places.



Seersucker! I adore seersucker! Will your husband wear seersucker pants? I finally got mine to this past summer. :0) Today is a significantly yucky day today so I'm with ya.

Kelly Jo

I love the little shorts in the basket! And I am wildly attracted to that little dress...hmmm...looks familiar. Cute piggies :)


Are you eager to secure funds for that dream project of yours?


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