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October 19, 2009


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Katie!!! I'm usurping your bathroom. :o) Does that even make sense? LOL! LOVE every single inchie of it. I'm a huge black and white check fan, too (it reminds me of Miss Amelia's one outfit - in a few posts back, I think?). The toile is divine, the photos are divine, the sink skirt is divine. Sigh, it's all divine. I don't think I'd be able to poop in a bathroom that gorgeous. I may just go to sleep in the tub. :o)

(Just kidding - the prettier it is, the better it is to actually use!)

Julianne Hendrickson

I love that bathroom--no need to redo! Gorgeous! And I agree, the faucet is to die for. Where do you find all your plain white dishes? Will you do a post on it and how you hung those dishes with the ribbon?? That is exactly what I need on either side of my small china cabinet. Please please please!


Gorgeous! Great idea about covering an ugly cabinet bottom - I have some in my house I'd like to "erase", too!


I'll be looking back at that powder room for inspiration the next time I do a bathroom. Absolutely adorable. In your spare time (ha! like you have any spare time), you need to give lessons to those of us that lack any craftiness. What a talent you have, sister!


absolutely gorgeous. i love the sink skirt. i am in love with the wall color...would you mind sharing what the name of it is?

Lindsey O.

Love your little powder room! I believe I have the same faucet in my bathroom. Didn't realize I could get a toilet flusher to match! Might just have to get me one of those! Very lovely!


I love what you did with your powder room. You have great style and good luck finding baskets thrifting. I never get that lucky.


Looks great! I love black!!!!


that is so lovely. Simple and effective. I really enjoyed seeing your accents of black, dotted throughout the house. Looks really lovely. :o)

Chortling over your previous post. Little girls are just so entertaining. My little rascal stands with her hands on hips, sighing loudly and saying 'Right,I'm fed up now'. Yikes, time for me to change the way I show I'm annoyed! ha ha ha. Still, it could be worse!

Carrie Mizell

Looks so good, girl! You need to venture down to Florida for a little "trip" and help me with my fixer-upper house! Lord knows, I could use some creativity on that big ol project!


My favorite part of the powder room is the way it smells. Too bad you can't put that on your post. It always smells so fresh in there - which is odd since it is a bathroom. Must be that lovely candle. Or maybe the soap? Weird, huh? It really does smell just as good as it looks. I found some vintage-looking soap bars wrapped in different colors (no black, though) . Maybe you could stack some on your tiny shelf.


Forget the last post - I just thought of something that might work on that little shelf. I will give it to you for Christmas. Even if you don't use it there you will be able to use it somewhere else.


I love the skirt! The fabric is great and I love how you hung it with the extra fabric hanging over. I also love the roman shade fabric! Everything is so pretty!


Your bathroom looks AMAZING!!! You did a great job Katie. I second the tutorial on hanging those white plates. I just loved that when I saw it. Can you come makeover my bathroom? :)


Since you mentioned your kitchen and I absolutely LOVE everything you've done in your house...PLEASE, PLEASE post pics of your KITCHEN!!!! I know you said you want to redo it (eventually) but I'd love to see what you've done with it now!!!


Katie - This bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!! Geez girl, you're good! I love that fabric, and do you mind sharing where you got that little miniature lamp with the cute shade? That's a great idea to cover the boring cabinet with a great piece of fabric.


I love it love it!!! I agree with the others, no need to do a thing to it (though I do understand your desire for wood floors -- I think that every room is better with wood floors!).


Hello sweet Katie - I absolutely love what you've done in your powder room! The skirt is so pretty. I really like the fabric you chose. And I also love the mirror with the light fixture above. All the little accessories really makes a big impact! Great job.



great bathroom! I just came over from my friend's blog. I am in Atlanta as well! your kids are adorable!


SOOO very pretty! Love the skirt! Miss my old one from our previous home. We have a square pedistal sink now and I have yet to figure out what to do with it.


how beautiful! I love it and I love that it's hiding builder grade cabinets...I might have to try that little trick!

When are you going to post photos of Jack Jack's new room???


Mrs. U

LOVE your bathroom!!!

What color paint did you use on your walls in there???

Mrs. U


Where did you get your light fixture on the wall above the mirror?
Love it!

Alana Geikie

Oh, those lights near the sink are LOVE! Wait, I just have to ask this: why did you decide to use hardwood rather than tiles? In any case, both types of flooring do have advantages, and the homeowner usually has a reason for choosing one over the other. Well, if you have already installed hardwood, I’d suggest you aim to reduce moisture in your house. It’s the one thing that weakens it.

Carmella Vancil

I like how you designed your powder room with that checkered skirt hanging on the sink. That dimmed light produces a soothing atmosphere for the entire room. But aside from making your room appealing, you should also be aware if the water systems are working properly. You don't want any spillage to your mat and skirts that can ruin your perfect design.

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