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September 17, 2009


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Farrah Suzanne

I love junkin'! Great finds missy!


Hahahahaha! I loved the double contraction! I've seen the movie and thought it was really cute and funny. I would recommend it....maybe to see with a girlfriend though. :)

Love your finds! Those platters are great and love that lamp! Of course, I love the baskets.

I'll let you have the name Waylon for your next boy. ;)


Well, I thought you might've fallen off the face of the earth. Glad you had a good time! You brought back some really pretty things. Love how you can even type a southern accent! Hee-hee!

Lindsey O.

ahaha! I always feel that way in antique I'm not supposed to pick up the stuff or something or that someone else is going to come looking for the piece I have in my hands and I'll have to give it up! Lots of lovely finds it looks like!


Gotta love some good ol' junkin'. Great finds.

Heart Reflections Live

What wonderful treasures you've found for your lovely home! My mother always used to keep an eye out for resturant china, as it's so durable and mix-and matchable- is that a word?

Glad to see you are back blogging again, and had a blessed time during your break.



Woohoo! You made out! I love the footed can do so many cute things with them, with food or decor. I'm also really getting into old books. I just love the covers & the worn look of them. Your Julia Child one is a great's the old cover. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm dying to!

Jennifer Franklin

The Julia book is a great find. You should see the movie; it was good. I would see it again ( and I am not that type to see a movie twice)to take in the back ground stuff.

LOVE the licorice box and the milk glass. You my dear have great eyes for spotting the perfect details for your home.
Have a blessed day.


Katie! Yay! I love your finds, mama! LOL to the gravel and laughter. ;o) I think that's me as I speed away from our house, away from hubby, going TO the store, haha!

Everything is just so gorgeous...the baskets to the dishes. And I'm all for double contractions. I grew up saying "yous guys" in Philadelphia, and if that doesn't make a person cringe, then nothing will, LOL!

Happy weekend, mama!


I want to see the Julie and Julia movie myself. Love all your transferware!


well I'm British, so your 'Y'all've' and 'y'all's' are just fabulous to me. Not something that is said over here, so I love to read it. Helps me read your words in your accent. (or my Brit version of your accent!!)

I love your blog. I've been slinking on here for a couple of weeks now, and it's simply enchanting. I have a three year old daughter, who usually has a big bow clipped to her hair - much to her disgust! She can be a bit tomboyish at times, just as I was when I was young :o)

Anyway, just wanted to leave a pawprint and say hello. Lovely to meet you.
Sadie x

my hungry boys

Y'all've...highly impressive use of the (southern) English language.:-D Wish I was from the South (sigh).

And the Muahahahaha...seriously made me belly laugh! You crack me up! :-)

Mrs. U

Hey, I'm a southern girl, too, so I TOTALLY get "y'all've"!!!!!!!

And do you say something like "I went to the mall wallago and bought a new dress". HA!! Instead of "a while ago" we southerners make it into "wallago" (or however you want to spell it. HA!!!).

Mrs. U

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