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June 27, 2009


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The phone picture is funny! You're nice...I actually have ripped pages out before as quietly and discreetly as I could but I couldn't help but giggle while doing so because I knew people could see what I was doing. :)

sandy toe

I love that ice bucket!
sandy toe


You are doing all of that WITH mastitis? Girl you are my hero! I don't have that, just clogged ducts and I am being a big baby! :) Love your finds! I went yard saling today and got some cute stuff. Hope all is well with you and your babies! :) Love your blog! Come on by my blog and see my little Audrey! I had her June 2nd. I was following your blog when you had your baby and it was fun because I was excited about having my baby too! :) Take care!


Fun projects! I can't wait to see how they turn out. Love that you took a picture in the waiting room, I have done that too!

Best wishes,


Your Goodwill finds are fabulous (I'm pretty sure that everyone else's Goodwill has WAAAYYYY better stuff than mine!). And, I can't wait to see Amelia's room. I love that window treatment.

my hungry boys

Why, oh WHY do I not find things like that at my Goodwill??? You did good! LOVE the ice bucket and books and everything else you found! :-)

Your curtains are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see the changes you make in the living room.

Mastitis...Yikes!!! I really hope you can keep it away. NOT fun...


Great finds at Goodwill! I have the same (or *very* similar) set of apothecary jars that I found while thrifting. Now I wonder if some mainstream store originally sold them as a set, because it is strange that we both have the same ones!

~ Sarah


Oh, how I LOVE to read cookbooks!!! I hardly make half of the recipes I read, but it is one of my favorite things to do, which is why a cookbook can always be found open on our kitchen table!


Oh, I really hope you don't have mastitis. I have heard that is awful! I love all of your goodwill finds!! All that in one trip is great! I cannot WAIT to see the living room and the baby's nurseries. :)


What about putting a dark stain on the cabinet. I've seen that on a couple of blogs and it's a nice change from white or black spray paint.


You have the best luck at Goodwill and Thrift stores. The ones around my area don't have things like that - ever! Maybe I need to venture to other towns for treasures. Love the baskets!


I love those cookbooks... I have a couple of them myself. In fact, I have a whole bookshelf of cookbooks... love to read them. That little white dish remind me of the bottom half of a "butter boat" that I have. For mine, you were to put cool water or even ice chips in and then there was another dish that set inside. It was to keep the butter cool enough to spread but not runny... just a thought.


Great treasures! My Grandma had an ice bucket just like that and I know it was in my possession but do you think I could find it now? Your picture just reminded me that I had one of those too! Oops! You sound so much like me, I am always knee deep in projects around the house, always rearranging! Can't wait to see it when you are done!

Leigh Ann

Can't wait to see what you come up with! I love your style!


which goodwill did you get all these wonderful finds? I can NEVER find goodies like this!

sharae bryant

I can't wait to see the finished kiddos bedrooms ,o) I love the apothercary jars you found, I'm on the hunt for some myself. I bought on from tjmaxx and came home and washed it out and dropped it in the sink!! )


Wow! You had quite a day at Goodwill. You found so many little treasures! Lucky you! I'm amazed you found them all in one place!

Kimm at Reinvented

Wow, girl, you found some fabulous stuff! I love your ideas for Jack's room, can't wait to see it! I'm always so glad to hear from another person that likes to "read" cookbooks! :)
Have a great week, take care of yourself.


hey! i've been reading your blog for a few months now, and thought i'd introduce myself. love your blog!



First of all... I want to REBUKE THE MASTITIS!!! Stay away you nasty mastitis!!! *I hope that helped.* ;)

Your house is sooooooooo super cute. I just love getting little glimpses. And can I come down to your Goodwill and shop because you always find the coolest stuff! You really have an eye for transforming something and making it homey.

Those window treatments are going to be out of this world!!! I couldn't even attempt something as complicated as that. How long have you been sewing? Can't wait to see them!

Oh and I lovvvvvvve the ideas for Jack Jack's room decor!



Thanks for your sweet comment and for praying for me a lot! Shannon did a wonderful job of keeping everyone updated. I feel very blessed to be feeling back to normal.

I love that you tried to be productive and get both of you kids out to run errands Good effort! Next time just go alone. Ha! I have my hands full just with my son when I run errands. ; )

Heart Reflections Live

What wonderful treasures you picked up at the thrift stores! Most thrift stores in Australia have NOTHING like this- over here you have to hit the garage sales for beautiful glassware etc- especially in our neck of the woods.

Can't wait to see more of your decorating projects- you are truly inspiring as a homemaker!


I think your living room will look great! I love the floors! :) I hope you will share a pic with us when you get it just how you want it! :)

What wonderful things you found at Goodwill! I don't usually have a ton of luck at ours! :) Have a great rest of the week Katie! :)


Can't wait to see what you do in the living room and I love all your GW finds!


I love the pleated skirt on your sofa! Your curtains are great too.

But please, please, please(on knees pleading dramatically) don't paint that adorable wall cabinet! It is just perfect the way it is! I think you will regret painting it down the line. But if it needs a lift just get some fiddes wax to polish it up. I use it on all my antique wood pieces and it make them look great.

I love following your blog, thanks.


My mom and I have made candles. It's not hard, and they turned out great. Just get a kit and it's smooth sailing. You have to stir the paraffin a little, but it's not bad.

Go for it!

Kelly Jo

That little bitty jar - I have that! Except it comes with different layers that stack. Derrick broke one so now it only has two layers. But it is perfect for cutting up lemons for your sweet tea (when you eat outside). I put crushed ice in the bottom layer to keep the lemons chilled. I saw one the other day at junk store I am at regularly. If you want me to grab it for you I can - let me know! Love the bigger ones. I don't have any like that...but I would like some if you see more.

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